DC Comics & Red Hood #51 Spoilers & Review: Jason Todd Is Back In Gotham City, Still Ignoring Batman, But Already Roped Into City’s Underbelly!


DC Comics and Red Hood #51 Spoilers and Review follows.

Jason Todd Is Back In Gotham City…

…Still Ignoring Batman, But…

…Already Roped Into City’s Underbelly!

Newscaster Denise Harlowe tells viewers how Gotham City is and isn’t coping after the Joker War.

We then get a look at a new gang in the City who…

…get taken down by a new football themed group of vigilantes.

Elsewhere Jason Todd arrives at a property he purchased years ago, still ignoring Batman, and…

…he’s confronted by Dana Harlowe a friend who he asked to look after the place, but didn’t know he was returning.

Elsehere, we meat Thomas Misell a low-life that new gang I mentioned call the “White Kanye” (groan).

Jason Todd is enjoying an adult beverage when he sees a football themed vigilante break into a neighbouring building…

…he confronts her as Red Hood, but she unintentionally triggers a bomb.

Elsewhere, a bullied-no-more Thomas Misell, with a new henchman in Killer Croc, attacks his old gangmates…

…presumably in a takeover attempt with his macabre look and nom du guerre as Tommy Maxx.

Next up is Red Hood #52 on shelves on December 22 / 23, 2020.

The Pulse:

An interesting reset that gives the book a gritty feel which fits the character. Decent art. 7 out of 10.

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