WWE Raw 11/30/20 Recap – Riddle vs. Styles vs. Lee Triple Threat

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We get some hype for the sudden death main event before Alexa and Orton are mid-ring with Orton rambling for a bit before making a good point about the Fiend being up-front with his rage while he bottles it up to blend in with society. He brings up Alexa being manipulated before she says that who’s manipulating who and the Fiend’s lighting hits. She hops into Orton’s arms and the Fiend wants her back and gets her when the lights come back on.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias is up in a musical-themed street fight. Elias sends him face-first into the apron. Truth hides in a grand piano before the 24/7 crew runs down and Elias takes them out. Jeff and Elias join together in their hatred of the 24/7 division and bonk guys with guitars. Elias loads up his hands with guitar picks and slugs him. Jeff recovers and goes for the whisper in the wind, but a guitar shot gets 2 when Jeff gets the rope. Jeff bonks him with a cello before hitting a crazy swanton off the top through a table with Elias covered in instruments and due to the placement of everything, he bonks his head right on the steps. Not sure why IN AN EMPTY ARENA THAT WWE CONTROLS COMPLETELY, they couldn’t have put all this crap on the entrance area so he’d have clearance. He wins this stupid thing.

We get some awful comedy with Riddle and Keith with Riddle rambling on about folks being chill and then Lee leaves without Riddle knowing despite Lee being in front of him. Ali talks about how they’ve been held back and they’ll take out Ricochet tonight with Slapjack. Ricochet cuts a boring promo to respond. Slapjack wins after the goons help distract him and he gets a snap spinning back suplex. Miz is out in a spectacular Boyd Pierce suit with Morrison and says he’s the face of USA. Sheamus is out and Miz says his moment with Drew was touching, but he’s still got the money in the “brank” contract. Miz says that Sheamus used to be the guy, but now he’s a joke. They beat him up with the case to cement his face turn. This is a great turn overall – they’ve built Sheamus’ character up nicely.

Lana cuts a promo about…something but it’s hard to hear because she’s drowned out by Asuka’s theme. Lana gets beaten up for a long time before getting locked in the Kirafuda clutch. Asuka saves her with a sliding knee and Lana flukes into a victory. Drew and Sheamus bicker for a bit and then they have some fun and swear vengeance. We get more New Day and Hurt Business bickering and MVP wants another shot at the titles. Cedric talks smack to Woods and says his G4 gig is a dream come true and now he’s his nightmare. They have a nice back and forth battle before Cedric wins with a lumbar check to no doubt set up another Hurt Business-New Day match. We get more goofy Riddle comedy with AJ and Omos before calling AJ cute and furry.

Riddle vs. Lee vs. AJ is a greatest hits in fast forward of a PWG match with Lee and Riddle going at it briefly before fighting with AJ in spurts. Lee is taken out with a knee and AJ hits the forearm to KO Riddle and will face Drew for the WWE Title at TLC. Ali cuts a promo with Reckoning as she prepares to face Dana. Dana eats a dropkick and Mia Yim’s mask comes off and then Dana gets distracted by Ali and Mia MISSES A KICK AND LOSES VIA SCHOOLBOY IN HER FIRST RAW MATCH. Oh Jesus. Miz and Morrison give AJ a pie. MVP buries Riddle for being an idiot before Lashley beats Riddle up to set up a US Title match at TLC. Miz and Morrison vs. Sheamus and Drew winds up with a schmozz with everyone beating up Drew before AJ tries to cash in the case, Miz gets pissed, and AJ gets carried out by Omos like a child. Wow what booking this is.