Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Hoverboard


When hoverboards first became popular, they used to have a more accurate and less enticing name. They were called “electric hands-free scooters.” While the name gave a clear idea of what to expect, it had to be changed to sound more appealing. For millennials who grew up watching Back to the Future or Modern-Day Life, this was a dream come true. All you need is to stand on the two wheels while balancing your body weight and enjoy the wind. By shifting your body weight, you can move forward, reverse, or spin in circles.

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Depending on the hoverboard you choose, speeds usually vary between 6 mph to 15 mph. Besides the cool factor of hoverboards, they offer the convenience of moving from one place to another easily at a speed certainly faster than walking, without having to worry about traffic jams. There are certain considerations that must be taken into account before buying a suitable hoverboard for your needs. Here are some of the most important things you should consider.

Types of Hoverboard

There are two main types of available hoverboards on the market: the board and the AirWheel. While both types are pretty similar in many aspects such as their operating system (the use of certain types of sensors and pressure), there are some key differences between both types you need to be aware of. For starters, both types have different appearances. The second difference is the type and amount of control you have over your board.

The first type, the board, is just like what the name suggests. It’s highly similar to a traditional skateboard but ridden in a horizontal way rather than vertically. There are two wheels that are connected with a hinge in the center, right between where you should rest your feet. To control the board, you need to apply some pressure on the pressure pads in the way you would like to move. For example, if you want to move forward, all you need is to step on the pads and apply some pressure while you are leaning forward to move the board. If you want to take a turn to the left, you need to apply a higher level of pressure on the left foot and the other way around if you want to turn to the right. Maneuvering the board at first might take some time for you to get the hang of, however, it feels almost natural after spending some time practicing.

The Wheel, on the other hand, is closer to how a unicycle works except that this has a self-balancing option. The wheels are placed in the middle, which makes handling it a bit harder than the typical overboard. With the wheel, your whole body moves to control the board. Any changes in your body movement affect how the wheel moves and the direction it goes.

Steer Clear from Cheap Quality

A real concern for many people who are interested in owning a hoverboard is picking a brand and a model that won’t explode to kill them. In recent years, there have been many accidents that have been mentioned about exploding hoverboards. This mainly happened because of hoverboards that are imported from China and other companies. There is a cheap version of hoverboards that come with a low-quality battery that is more likely to explode in the event of overheating. This also happens due to a weak cooling system that leads to the overheating of batteries. While this concern is critical, it’s not something you should be worried about in higher quality hoverboards and established brands. However, there are still a few options of hoverboards under $100 you can find. This drop in the prices of hoverboards only happened after being available in the market for a considerable amount of time.

Wheel Size

The choice of wheel size is based on the kind of pavement you will move on. When it comes to wheel size, different wheel sizes work differently with various types of pavements. For the board, bigger wheel sizes always indicate more stability and better maneuvering abilities, even on uneven surfaces and rocky pavements. While older models were usually around 6 or 7 inches at the most, newer models are being released with sizes that can reach up to 10 inches. Going around curbs is much easier with bigger wheels due to the increased stability levels the wheels offer.

The Wheel, on the other hand, usually comes with relatively bigger wheels which provides them with higher stability than the board. Usually, The Wheel’s wheels vary between 11 and 14 inches. This makes the wheel much easier to be handled on all types of surfaces without toppling around.

Maximum Weight

When it comes to the maximum weight hoverboards can carry, there is not much difference between both types. Both the wheel and the board can carry up to 220 pounds (or 100 kilograms) without any difficulty. Even if you weigh more than 100 kilograms, it might still be fine to get a hoverboard, but with bigger wheels to offer more stability.

What’s even more important than your weight, is you need to consider the weight of the hoverboard itself. In many cases, you will find that you have to carry your hoverboard around. Dismissing this factor might put you in many inconvenient situations when you have to carry your hoverboard only to figure out that it’s actually heavy. Hoverboards usually weigh between 10 and 12 kilos. However, there are some types and models available that have a handle to make it easier to carry around.

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Speed and Range

Speed is another important factor when you are buying a new hoverboard. You need to know the limits of the speed and range of your hoverboard. The speeds usually vary between 2 and 10 miles per hour. The range, however, is more dependent on the amount of charge your hoverboard has. The hoverboard you choose shouldn’t run on solar energy nor batteries. Hoverboards should be charged fully, then used. The amount of charge on your hoverboard will determine the range you will have. Usually, hoverboards can cover from 10 to 15 miles. Premium brands and models might even have a range of 13 to 17 miles. Knowing both factors is extremely important when you are trying to move from one place to another to get an estimate of the time and distance your hoverboard can cover. However, an important note to take into account is that weight affects the hoverboard speed. If you are more on the heavier side, especially more than 100 kilograms, then your hoverboard might run slower.

Extra Features

All of the previously mentioned factors are important, but add-ons are what make your hoverboard special. While you can do without these features, they still add elements of convenience, coolness, and remarkability. While these elements might not be practical in terms of speed or range, they add so much to the riding experience. Add-on features such as a built-in GPS system to guide you to the places you are going to will add fulfillment and excitement to the riding experience. There are other features such as Bluetooth speakers, gyroscopic, and sensory pads. There are some extra special features such as a car key-like remote. All these extra features aren’t necessary, and you can definitely do without them, but you might want to make your ride extra special. It all depends on your preferences.

Eco-Friendly and City Rules

Many people are beginning to consider hoverboards to limit the damage they contribute to the environment. Hoverboards offer convenience, coolness, and ease of movement, but by picking a hoverboard over a car, you are also doing good to the environment. This way, you will be decreasing the Carbon dioxide emissions put out in the environment.

Another thing to bear in mind is the rules in your state. There are some places where there are rules against riding hoverboards. Before riding your hoverboard, make sure that there are not any rules against it where you are riding.

Online Reviews

All these factors are essential to consider when you are buying a new hoverboard. What is more important to pay attention to before settling on any decision is reading online reviews to know exactly what you are signing up for. After considering these factors, you probably have limited your options to some models and brands that meet the criteria you want. Before settling on a certain decision, online reviews should be your guide on whether or not this choice is suitable for you. Online reviews are extremely important in our digital-driven world because they give you the gist of different people’s experiences. They will give you an idea of which brands have better care and prices, or which models are the least problematic.

Buying a new hoverboard, especially if it’s your first, is not an easy process. There are some considerations you need to take into account in terms of speed, range, features, price, and quality. Taking these considerations in mind will not only help you in reaching a conclusion faster, but they will also help you in making the right decision that suits your needs and preferences.