DC Comics & The Flash #767 Spoilers & Review: Endless Winter Part 2 Sees Black Adam & His Doomsday Clock Suicide Squad Scheme?

DC Comics and The Flash #767 Spoilers and Review follows.

Endless Winter Part 2 Sees…

…Black Adam and His Doomsday Clock Suicide Squad Scheme?

We open in the 10th Centurty where Wonder Woman (Hippolyta), Viking Prince and Swamp Thing have…

…gain sought out Black Adam to…

…collectively deal with the threat of the Frost King.

In modern day, the Frost King is back and has put a sheet of snow and ice across the world as well as unleashed his ice creatures.

In his do-gooding efforts, the Flash is spent in Kahndaq, the country ruled by Black Adam, which appears to be a refuge for heroes and villains alike as revealed in Doomsday Clock.

Black Adam lets the Flash rest and even charges his powers back up so…

…he can race into the next chapter of Endless Winter?

The Pulse:

Decent art and nice to see Black Adam, but this story hasn’t hooked me yet. 5 out of 10.

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