DC Comics & Metal Men #12 Spoilers & Review: How Does Dan DiDio’s Last Or Latest DC Comics Writing Gig End?

DC Comics and Metal Men #12 Spoilers and Review follows.

How Does Dan DiDio’s Last Or…

…Latest DC Comics Writing Gig End?

The team looks back to issue #1 of this series as…

…they seemingly disband after drinks at a bar run by a character who looks like Dan DiDio.

Platinum will stay with Dr. Magnus as…

…DiDio leaves Magnus the bar as Platinum is fetishized by Magnus.

The Pulse:

The DC DiDio era is formally over. Solid art by Shane Davis in this issue. Sad day for fans of the last era of DC. So, no rating. Say what you will about DiDio, but his legacy will be his passion for DC’s super-heroes and his willingness to try new things whether they worked out in the end or not.

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