DC Comics Unmasks The Next Batman For DC Future State! Is It Tim Fox Or Luke Fox? DC Future State Spoilers!

DC Comics Unmasks The Next Batman For DC Future State! Is It Tim Fox Or Luke Fox? DC Future State Spoilers!

DC Comics reports.

      Tim Fox is The Next Batman!


      Even before the announcement of DC Future State and Future State: The Next Batman, by John Ridley, Nick Derington and Laura Braga, the news that a person of color could be the next to don the cape and cowl as Gotham City’s protector sent tongues wagging inside and outside the comic book community about who it could possibly be.

      Today, the speculation finally ends with the reveal of this surprise variant cover to issue #2 of the four-issue January/February miniseries. Featuring striking art by Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez, Gotham’s defender in this dystopian future is revealed as Tim (Jace) Fox, estranged son of Lucius Fox and brother to the former Batwing Luke Fox.

      Tim Fox’s first comic book appearance was in Batman #313, April 10, 1979. The character has since been teased in the current Batman line, first as a mention in “Family Ties,” the John Ridley/Olivier Coipel story from September’s Batman: The Joker War Zone anthology.

      In October’s Batman #101, he also shows up in a conversation between Batman and Lucius Fox, who has since acquired the Wayne fortune and technology as a result of The Joker War.

      On February 23, 2021. Ridley and Coipel reunite to tell another story of The Next Batman and give him a sidekick as part of DC’s Batman: Black & White anthology series. (Editor’s note: In Batman: Black and White #3 (of 6).

      Future State: The Next Batman debuts in comic book stores and participating digital platforms on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, with new issues available every other week (issue #2 on January 26, issue #3 on February 2, and issue #4 on February 16). Each 64-page oversized issue includes backup stories of other Gotham City heroes and villains taking on the oppressive rule of The Magistrate and its war on vigilantes:

      Future State: Arkham Knights, by Paul Jenkins and Jack Herbert (issues #1 and #3)

      Future State: Outsiders, by Brandon Thomas and Sumit Kumar (issues #1 and #3)

      Future State: Batgirls, by Vita Ayala and Aneke (issues #2 and #4)

      Future State: Gotham City Sirens, by Paula Sevenbergen and Emanuela Lupacchino (issues #2 and #4)

      For the latest information on DC Future State, visit the hub page at www.dccomics.com/futurestate. For more information on the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, check out the main page, www.dccomics.com or follow on social media at @DCComics and @thedcnation.

Batman #313 from 1979, the first appearance of Tim Fox, has been lighting up eBay selling for as much as $800.

Batwing #19 from 2013, the first appearance of Luke Fox, has been selling well on eBay for the last few months including for almost $500.

It appears Tim Fox’s turn as the Next Batman happens in the near future based on the DC Future State timeline; 2025 it seems.

What will be Tim Fox’s Batman fate after the two month DC Future State initiative in January 2021 and February 2021?

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