DC Comics & Batman #105 Spoilers & Review: Harley Quinn’s New Purpose & Ghost-Maker’s Judgement! Plus Teasing Post DC Future State Batman!

DC Comics and Batman #105 Spoilers and Review follows.

Harley Quinn’s New Purpose and…

…Ghost-Maker’s Judgement!

Plus Teasing Post DC Future State Batman!

The book opens on a flashback to Bruce Wayne and Ghost-Maker’s far east training before…

We move to modern day where Clownhunter wants to off Harley Quinn, but Batman frees himself from Ghost-maker’s bonds.

However, Harley Quinn shows maturity and recognition of the harm she has caused in the past with and without the Joker.

She is prepared to take whatever punishment Clownhunter has for her even death.

Clownhunter can’t kill her foe some reason after, if I recall correctly, killing others in earlier issues of this series.

Then we pivot to Batman leaving that scene to…

…confront Ghost-maker in battle.

However, they agree to lay down their weapons.

While Ghost-maker is prepared to honor their original agreement and stay away from Gotham City, Batman asks him to stay and help him make it better.

Looks, like the Ghost-maker agrees and will be back with Batman in March 2021’s Batman #106 post DC Future State.

The Pulse:

Great art for an otherwise topsy turvy and at times non-sensical issue. 6 out of 10.

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