How to Easily Find Older Playstation Games


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Playstation is a video game console released in the ’90s by Sony Computer Entertainment. Its release gave the company a rise to their power in the video gaming world. It is the first one to use compact discs (CDs). It was first released in Japan in 1994 and was launched in the US sometime in 1995. It has become a household name in gaming consoles even these current times. There were two (2) popular titles that ruled Playstation and that is Twisted Metal and Ridge Racer. Sony continued to produce more varieties of  CDs to choose from. Some of the fan favorites were Final Fantasy 7, Bandicoot, and Tekken. These were some of the most sought-after CDs that made millions in sales and they even have sequels on these. If you are an avid fan of PlayStation you may want to reminisce about the old versions of PlayStation and bring back the enjoyment of yesterday to today.

Just like any industry, the older version is sure to hit even in today’s generation. What has been popular and enjoyable before still has the spark that keeps the gamers entertained. A lot of the things that you enjoy in the past are far worth more enjoyable and educational as well as brain-stimulating. These games do not just provide entertainment and fun but they also provide a life skill and that is how to make tactics and strategies when facing life battles. The enemy that you fought over in the game is like the barrier that you wanted to overcome in order for you to win in life and be victorious. It also empowers the vividity of your imagination, it makes you think of what could be the possible attacks of the enemy or what could be your counterattacks to keep your enemy at bay. This is just like how we live life, you get to calculate the risks and return that you will get when taking that risk. So, let’s go back to the PlayStation.

How do you find older PlayStations, when they keep on upgrading? If you’re excited to find those old but gold older versions of Playstation, read on.

Here are some of the resources where you can easily find older Playstation Games:

1.   Older PlayStation Game Consoles

If you still have the console of your previous purchase from PlayStation such as PS1 Games, PS2 Games, and PS3 Games, their compact discs hold all-time games that you have played back in the ‘90s. Also, you can carry those older versions with you while you are upgrading or keeping up with the trend. Sometimes, an avid player of PlayStations would stack up on collecting those old treasure game versions of PlayStation.

2.   Playstation Website

You can directly access older game versions from their website itself. You just have to sign in to your account and select the games that you wanted to add to your game library and from there you can now download older game versions of PlayStation. You can even download games and add ons remotely but you need to make sure that is linked with your console, you just have to choose what to download and once it is downloaded you can now finally have your older PlayStation games. Everything that you need to know about PlayStation, you just have to look upon their website if what you are trying to find is already there on the website. They have regularly updated their website which is why all the classic games that you missed playing are accessible through their website.

3.   PS4 Integration to Older Versions

Since this is a cloud-based service, users are allowed to stream and download older game versions. You must maximize the opportunity that you can get the older versions. There has been a story circulating around that older gaming consoles will be banished and the new PS4 will be the present, So, it is best to integrate your PS4 with what they are talking about. After Sony has decided to focus on PS4 and PS5, they have gone exerting more effort in integrating the old versions with the current ones that they have.

4.   Backup Storage

While you are with cloud-based storage, it is also important that you back up in your local network. From time to time, you need to make sure that you have downloaded successfully to your device. When backing up your games, you can use a USB port that can be connected to Playstation. Also, don’t forget to store your game downloads in a local connection. Having good local backup storage would ensure that those precious old game versions are in place and safe from being terminated from the system. How do you properly store downloads locally? It is best to file them with dates included so you would know if the downloaded game has been updated or not. Also, it would be easier for you to look it up. Saving it to local storage would help you not miss out on any downloads if ever your game library crashes or something.

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5.   Google Play Store

Who would have thought that Google Play Store has the Playstation App. You can easily download older game versions from there. However, the process of downloading video may take up a lot of time, since Sony does not support downloading of older game versions. Since the rise of digital trends, almost everything that you wanted to have a copy of something can be downloaded. What a better place to find the apps that you want rather than from a Google Play Store.

6.   PS5 with Backward Compatibility

Some games in older Playstations if being integrated with PS4, you just have to transfer the data from PS4 to PS5. It’s simple right? If you answered YES then do it now and start downloading it to your console. Always remember that PS5 and PS4 are the only ones that would be retained in the

Market. Just like PS4, the PS5 has been on the run on revising on how to make backward compatibility work better and deliver quality service to its end users. With the recent developments, backward compatibility is slowly adjusting to the gamer’s preferences.

7.   Online Stores and Physical Stores

You can try to look upon the internet and see if there are online stores that are selling those older game versions. Even in your local area, you may want to find out if they still have older game versions. You’ll never know that the ones you’re looking for are just nearby or just a type away on the internet. There are a lot of options to choose from, especially on the internet, you can find hundreds of results with better options and discounts also. With regards to a physical store, you can directly see if what you are looking for is there and you can ask right away if you have any revisions in mind.

It is vital to back up or download your favorite older game versions while you still can. As time progresses, the availability of those golden game versions that you enjoyed playing before may not be accessible nor searchable. It is best to do your backup and downloading so you would not regret not having the chance to keep those things. The world of gaming consoles keeps on changing, and part of that change is phasing out the old and leveraging the new ones. Sony has plans on focusing on its website enhancements as well as promoting their new release with Microsoft which is the XBox.

These resources that we have listed may not guarantee a full-packed collection of all the classics that you wanted to play. But those popular names are guaranteed to be present in any of these resources. If you are a fan of nostalgic playing where you would want to reminisce how enjoyable and fun it was before, then you must have your top picks which you would want to play today. Many gamers preferred the older versions that is why many resorted to purchasing the older versions in computer shops, mobile stores but sooner it won’t be available anymore in the market.

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Playstation zones on the market may be diminishing but there are people who are willing to preserve the history of PlayStation in the world of console gaming. There are collectors of these kinds of stuff and every time you see them you would want to ask them where they get these precious game console memorabilia. Not all who are looking for these older game versions are likely to play the game but for some, they just want to look at it and look back into the memories that game has played in their lives.

Through the years, Playstation is not tired to provide us with the entertainment that we want.  They have provided the best game that our minds could ever participate in. Some of the games were inspired by movie heroines just like Tomb Raider. It teaches us to be agile, alert, and versatile in order for us to win in the game. What more fun can be than playing with your friends and family. PlayStation allows you to share the game with whomever you want. If you’re missing the nostalgia of classic PlayStation games, feel free to opt-in with the resources above.