Marvel Comics & X-Force #15 Spoilers & Review: Mental Rape & Maiming Is The Way In Reign Of X?! Omega Red As Pawn, Prisoner Or Prince?

Marvel Comics and X-Force #15 Spoilers and Review follows.

Mental Rape and Maiming Is…

… The Way In…

…Reign Of X?!

Omega Red As Pawn, Prisoner Or Prince?

Jean Grey mentally invades Colossus’s mind, at the Beast’s request, and learns he is not a mole and in league with…

…X-Men prisoner Omega Red and the vampires of Dracula.

It looks like the vampires gave Omega Red something he wanted, a Carbonadium Synthesizer, and its been implanted in him. 

They think they can use Omega Red as a double agent against the vampires, but…

…they will do it without Omega Red knowing, so against his will, because Dracula can read minds, etc. At the same time, a threat from the deep emerges.

Beast asks Forge to modify Omega Red’s Carbonadium Synthesizer to allow the to spy on him and who he’s around.

What Forge doesn’t know is that it was extracted from Omega Red with what would appear to be brute force vs. a discrete surgery that Beast is capable for performing.

Elsewhere, that threat of the deep swallows a whole seafaring ship and its inhabitants.

The Beast goes to the Savage Land to seek forgiveness from Colossus over the scenes this issue opens with; he eventually gets it.

The book ends with that threat from the deep making its way to Krakoa as that ship’s crew are now not in control of themselves.

The Pulse:

An issue that makes one soul search; should the end justifies the means? Decent art. Intriguing issue. 7 out of 10.

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