Marvel Comics & Marvel Spotlight #3 Spoilers: Teasing Venom #200, King In Black #2 & Beyond!

Marvel Comics and Marvel Spotlight #3 Spoilers follows.

Teasing Venom #200, King In Black #2 and Beyond!

Here we go.

If you’re not sure what King in Black is about this freebie from Marvel opens with the premise.

Then we get the King in Black creative talking the event series.

Then the Venom series creative team teases Venom #200 which would be Venom #35. Venom #34 is expected in March 2021 putting the milestone issue in (1) April 2021 or (2) Free Comic Book Day / Month if Marvel wanted to push this into May 2021  [UPDATE: August 2021 (changed from traditional May timeframe; so this option seems VERY unlikely now)] or (3) March 2021 if Marvel wanted to double-up Venom issues in this five week / NCBD month in April. Stay tuned.

Then we get some teases of Gwenom vs. Carnage from its creative team.

We get the creative team for Black Knight laying down some teases.

The creative team teases end with Return of the Valkyries.

Beyond previews pages of various completion for the above, the free book also includes some panels from the upcoming King in Black #2 in stores next week on December 23, 2020.

We also get a partial checklist for the event…

…over two pages.

So, how stoked are you for KIB?


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