Marvel Comics & Amazing Spider-Man #56 Spoilers & Review: Norman Osborn Reveals His Plan, But Whose Side Is Green Goblin On? Kingpin’s Or Kindred’s Or Spidey’s?

Marvel Comics and Amazing Spider-Man #56 Spoilers and Review follows.

Norman Osborn Reveals His Plan But Whose Side Is Green Goblin On?

Kingpin’s Or…

…Kindred’s Or…


Kindred aka Harry Osborn is at the Ravencroft Institute, think Arkham Asylum at Marvel, in the “care” of his father Director Norman Osborn formerly the Green Goblin.

He’s partnered with the Kingpin…

…who wants to renege on their deal, but Osborn gets him back on track.

However, Norman Osborn is being duplicitous with the Kingpin.

In fact, Mary Jane Watson wasn’t really injured last issue.

It was a ruse for Kingpin’s benefit.

We also learn that the sins the Sin-Eater, um, ate have been returned to their original owners so to speak.

We also see Martin Li aka Mister Negative back elsewhere in the issue.

Despite his father’s machinations and explanations of them, Kindred feels betrayed by his father and his one-time friend…

…Peter Parker aka Spider-Man who has a bone to pick with Norman Osborn.

The Pulse:

Surprises and intrigue abound. Solid art. Entertaining. 8 out of 10.

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