WWE Raw 1/11/21 – HHH vs Orton Because Drew Has Covid-19

 We get a recap of legends night with Drew and Goldberg before HHH strolls down looking quite skinny and in a white and grey getup and begins to talk when Randy talks down to him and HHH admits that he’s been impressed with Randy over the last year. HHH has been proud of what he’s done – but what he’s done to legends is that he’s nothing but a prick. Orton says that Steph isn’t here and so HHH can’t get his balls from her purse, which I swear he’s used at least once before. HHH slugs him and we’ll get a fight between them later. Charlotte says that she loves her dad, and that loss wasn’t her first and won’t be her last. Lacey says Ric is a charming man’s man. Drew talks about having COVID and having no symptoms, but it can be caught by anyone. 

The commentators put over The Queen moniker a billion times before Charlotte dominates her the entire match, Ric comes out and dances and then holds Charlotte’s leg down during a suplex attempt to give Lacey the win. Lacey and Ric leave together and Lacey says she’ll change at the hotel. Lee vs. Drew is recapped before Sheamus talks to him for a bit before Miz and Morrison interrupt and everyone talks far too quickly for any of this to even appear to be a real conversation. They issue a challenge to Lee and Sheamus to start their journey to correct the wrongs of 2020 and Lee accepts. Jeff Hardy comes out to face Jaxson Ryker, who wins in seconds when Elias stands at ringside to distract Jeff and a schoolboy ends it. 

Jeff cuts a promo on Elias saying that he’s afraid of Jaxson being seen as better than him, leading to Elias vs. Hardy for the third week in a row. Jeff gets a backslide, a twist, and a swanton to win it. Lee and Sheamus face Miz and Morrison, with Lee and Morrison going at it hard. Morrison bumps like a champ for him and Lee hits Morrison with such impact on a corner charge that the top turnbuckle pops off! Lee puts a rest hold on Miz while they work on the rope. Lee unleashes the bear chops before Sheamus brogue kicks Morrison to win. HHH cuts a THE GAME promo before we get Lee and Sheamus arguing before they have a short, somewhat plodding match. It makes sense since they just had a great match before and Sheamus puts him over with a spirit bomb. Drew accepts the challenge of Goldberg at the Royal Rumble.

Xavier Woods comes out to face T-Bar, who wins quickly with Eyes Wide Shut. Randy cuts a promo about directing hate at HHH tonight. Lashley faces Riddle for the US Title in a nice Bloodsport-style match at points before he gets a floating broton on the floor. Ragdoll uranage by Lashley and hoists him up for a Hurt Lock victory. Riddle cuts a promo about not beating Lashley tonight, but he knows he can beat MVP. MVP brawls with him for a bit before Lashley beats up Riddle again. Hell of a babyface. We get a recap of Adam Pearce winning the gauntlet match on SD…to fill time. AJ says that if Roman slips on 3-8 banana peels, then Pearce could win the title and then face AJ at Mania! Drew wants in the Rumble, but Adam says no and AJ says he’s a 2-time WWE Champion. Pearce will put Gulak in IF he beats AJ, next. Omos looks on approvingly of this news.

AJ faces Drew and Drew gets more chances to shine here than usual, with a great nearfall on a Tiger driver before a Phenomenal forearm ends it. HHH chats with Keith Lee and Keith tells him that Randy is testing legends and then rambles way too quickly before HHH says he has to do this alone. Nia and Shayna face Mandy and Dana with Nia charging them in the corner and Shayna taps Mandy with the choke. HHH and Randy have a walk and brawl and HHH back suplexes him on the announce table. Orton gets cut, but they won’t call it “blood”. HHH gets the hammer, but Fiend lighting hits and the hammer is ablaze and Alexa comes back to throw a fireball at Randy. Well that was at least a memorable way to end the show.