Marvel Comics & Avengers #41 Spoilers & Review: Phoenix Fight Club Continues! Squadron Supreme Of America & More Fight Over Being X-Men Icon’s Next Host!

Marvel Comics and Avengers #41 Spoilers and Review follows.

Phoenix Fight Club Continues!

Squadron Supreme Of America and More Fight…

…Over Being X-Men Icon’s Next Host!

The book opens with the Black Panther and Man-Thing fighting with the power of the Phoenix.

When the battle is over, Black Panther appears back in the White Hot Room usually where the Phoenix host is, but this seems to be where the combatants who haven’t fought yet or have fought and won are.

Next battle is between Luke Cage / Power Man vs. American Eagle.

Then there is Sheena the She-Devil vs. Moon Girl’s Devil Dinosaur.

Followed by Jane Foster / Valkyrie vs. the Orb.

A cool fight between Squadron Supreme of America and Shang-Shi follows.

Then Red Widow vs… Howard the Duck?!

In the White Hot Room, the spirit of the Avengers 1,000,000 BC’s first human host attempts to seduce Black Panther for the Phoenix Force to no avail; I sense that this might NOT be the Avengers 1M BC Phoenix Force ghost, but we’ll learn what’s what as this arc progresses.

Battles resumes with Squadron Supreme of America’s Nighthawk vs. Black Panther.

The book ends with Echo vs…

…Namor at the bottom on the sea!

The Pulse:

A rip-roaring roller-coaster ride with heroes and villains the playthings of the Phoenix Force. Awesome art. Entertaining issue. I remain intrigued by this epic feeling arc. 8 out of 10.

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