Savvy Ways That Could Save You Hundreds When Shopping Online

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Save Money online with Inside Pulse

The current world condition calls for safer measures – even when it comes to shopping. However, online shopping isn’t only ideal during times like these. In fact, it is always a good alternative to onsite buying especially for people who want to save time and shop more efficiently. 

Why Shop Online 

While shopping on brick-and-mortar stores gives an excellent experience of social interaction and buyer security, online shopping also has its many benefits. First and foremost, this includes shopping convenience. With nothing but a digital tool and account, consumers like you can complete transactions with just a few clicks in the comforts of your own home.

It goes without saying that online shopping is also more time-efficient, provided that you already have made up your mind on what you are going to purchase. No longer do you have to commute or drive to and from physical stores and spend time waiting to reach the counter. It also gives less pressure of being followed by salespersons and responding to their persuasive talk. For those who would rather avoid being in the midst of crowds, especially now, online shopping is also the way to go.

With online shopping, all the virtual stores in the world (or at least in your area) are in your fingertips. You can easily search the market for various similar products and get the best deals without tiring. If you are already a certified “savvy” consumer, this will be easy for you. A savvy consumer is one who has great practical knowledge of getting the best deals and great savings. 

Want to be a savvy consumer? Keep on reading!

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8 Tips to Shop and Save Online 

  1. Plan ahead.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” For online shoppers, this might mean plenty of unnecessary purchases just because the items seem promising.

It is important to have a list of what one really needs to buy before going online. This proactive habit saves shoppers from two things: impulse buying and wasting time.

An advantage of online shopping is the absence of persuasive sales talk that entices many consumers. However, algorithms and picture-perfect item visuals can rival even a seasoned salesperson. Planning sets your mind in looking only for the best deals of the item you actually intend to purchase.

Having a list also saves you time. Mindless scrolling is a habit that can endanger your wallet as it exposes you to products that seem too good to pass on. You can, however, visit your list from time to time before checking it out. Consider until the last minute whether you absolutely need the items you added to your cart.

  1. Compare prices.

Online shopping allows consumers to check out different stores without breaking a sweat. This is where a smart, dedicated shopper can have a great advantage. 

As much as possible, search the online market for the lowest-priced deals of similar items. The best deals are out there if the only one takes the time to understand how dynamic pricing works. Basically, this is a market ploy that changes the pricing point of items depending on one’s location, patterns of browsing and spending, as well as the global supply and demand. 

The market is never steady may it be physical or online. The good news is you don’t have to get too tired of making sure you are buying the most affordable products. Forget walking from shop-to-shop as it will only take some clicks and screen clippings for effective price comparisons.

  1. Walk-away from your cart.

When you plan ahead, it eliminates half the distractions. If you want to save more effectively, consider walking away from your cart next.

Once you have added all the items you intend to buy, proceed until the last process of checking out, only don’t complete it and instead, leave it for a day or two. Two things will happen when you come back for it. One, you might have considered that you don’t really need or want some of the items you added anymore, and two, the shops you intend to purchase from might have sent you vouchers and discount promos to make sure you buy their products and finish the transaction.

Shops don’t like it when you leave them hanging so make sure to check your emails or in-app messages for their notices. They would especially target first-time buyers of their products so remember to always explore the market for more retailer options. 

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  1. Take advantage of cashback sites. 

The best deals involve the lowest-priced items, but it doesn’t stop there. To be an effective online shopper, you have to have great knowledge of where to get your money back.

You can go get your money back (or at least, a small portion of it) through memberships with cashback sites. Usually, credit card companies offer cashback rewards as a type of incentive. Retailers would also employ the use of cashback to offer discounts while not devaluing their own products.

However, keep in mind that cashback deals aren’t usually the best deals you can get out of online shopping. With that being said, never purchase a product just because you can get an incentive out of it. Remember, you have more to lose if you buy something you don’t really need.

  1. Use discount coupons.

A more straightforward way to save through online shopping is using discount coupons and promotional codes. Before checking out, make sure you have one of these to get more savings.

You are in luck if the online shopping site you use allows multiple coupon use. Like the first tip, take time to plan strategic use of the coupons you have. If everything on your cart comes from different shops, don’t check them out all at once and lose the chance to save. Collect coupons and apply them to every single-store transaction.

For example, Forbidden Planet allows comic book readers the opportunity to collect their items with the help of discount coupons. By researching for the right coupons online, you can shop and save at for the best comic books and graphic novels without breaking your wallet. Instead of buying straight from the shop, take your time in finding the right codes that will improve your experience and keep your finances intact.

  1. Follow shops on social media.

The boom of online marketing happens through and because of social media. Usually, shopping sites aren’t very keen on promoting discount codes and the likes so the best thing you can do is directly follow your favorite shops on their accounts. This is where having Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts become advantageous.

Through following your favorite shops, you can easily get notified of their latest promos like sales, discount codes, and other marketing strategies like early access to their newest products. Shops love a loyal customer and what better way to prove your loyalty than following them on their social media, right?

Once you click that follow button, you are exposed right-away to even their upcoming sales. Therefore, it is also a good way to plan your shopping spree.

  1. Sign up for newsletters.

Many retailers will give discounts in exchange for subscribing to their newsletters. In the world of online shopping, a well-managed email account works wonders. You never know what kind of exclusive deals top retailers can offer even for a limited time. This works especially for first-time buyers, too.

Signing up for newsletters and memberships also means gaining access to cashback opportunities, discount codes, and other promotional offers. All you have to do is subscribe and enter your email. If it gets too much, you can always unsubscribe. Do this especially if you think their constant emails are tempting you to buy more instead of saving.

But if you want more, for instance, discount coupons, a good hack would be to sign up using multiple verified accounts. Saving more coupons should mean saving more money in a transaction, right?

  1. Shop when the day is right.

Remember dynamic pricing? Since deals change from time to time, it is helpful to know what day of the week gives the lowest prices and best deals.

Aside from that, patience is key in your saving journey. Always consider doing your shopping on special dates where online shopping sites might be doing huge promos. Mark your calendar for days like Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

Off-season shopping also helps you get better deals. For example, if you are thinking of buying winter coats, don’t do it at the start or in the midst of the cold season. Instead, make your purchase in summer or spring and have a nice set of coats waiting in your wardrobe for the next winter. 

Shopping for Christmas? It’s a good idea to shop all-year-round whenever there’s a sale. Don’t just wait for the holiday sale – be proactive! 

Some people find it hard to entertain the idea of online shopping only because they need security in their transactions. Brick-and-mortar stores offer an actual look and feel of the products while online stores can only have pictures and stranger reviews of their offers. However, while you can discount this experience from the benefits of shopping online, you absolutely can’t deny that you can reap as much – if not more rewards with online shopping.

Remember the tips mentioned and start getting more out of your online shopping.