WWE Raw 1-25-21 Recap – Alexa vs Asuka

 Drew says he’s watched Goldberg since he was a teen and he rose through WCW and beat Hogan for the title. He ran through the Rock and then disappeared. The last thing to go in a heavyweight is their power, and Goldberg still has that. Miz and Morrison come out to be the most annoying dudes ever and then Goldberg comes out and says he’ll beat him Sunday before they beat up Miz and Morrison. Miz eats a spear and Morrison eats a claymore. Charlotte chats with Charly and buries Shayna saying Charlotte’s a true queen. Shayna teams with Nia and Lacey to face Dana, Mandy, and Charlotte. They have a meandering match until Charlotte and Shayna brawl and fight to a countout with Shayna shoving Charlotte in, so she wins by fluke. During the break, Pearce just restarts it for more nothing. Dana gets a hope spot against Nia, but she gets tossed off the top and eats a powerslam into the chokeslam before a legdrop ends it 

Ali says that he and Retribution are going to be a reminder of Kofi’s jaw injury. Woods faces Slapjack before Ali calls the goons in, but a shining wizard ends it and Woods wins before getting beaten up. They take him out with a double sitout chokeslam and Riddle chats with Truth about Truth’s birthday. The Hurt Business bickers a bit with Cedric and Shelton before unveiling a THB necklace for MVP. Truth and Riddle brawl with them and Pearce chats with Truth and says if he can beat AJ, he’s in the Rumble. Sheamus faces Morrison in a solid little match – these two have good chemistry together. Morrison flies nicely for his offense, and Sheamus doesn’t mind taking a few sick kicks to the back and chest. A White Noise ends it, but Miz complains and now it’s a handicap match because sure, why not. They have an entirely too long match and Miz hits a finale to win it when Morrison eats a brogue kick. 

Ric and Charlotte bicker before Lacey comes in and takes out Charlotte. Truth faces AJ and hits a protobomb and a five knuckle shuffle, but AJ turns the AA into a calf crusher for a tapout. We get a recap of Orton’s goofy mask promo alongside a recap of Alexa’s playground video. Riddle runs the THB gauntlet with cradles before Lashley beats him up before their Rumble match. Edge announces that he’ll be in the Rumble. Asuka runs wild on Alexa and hits a big German for 2 before playground Lexi turns into Alexa and then the Fiendish version before Orton comes in with awful burn makeup and RKOs her.

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