How To Step Up Your Basketball Game

How to improve your basketball game on inside pulse

Basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports. Whether you are playing casually or taking the game more seriously, there are many ways to improve. For beginners, it is easy to identify areas to focus on, while those athletes that are more advanced still have much to learn. From techniques to apparel and equipment, there are many things that can help improve your performance. Here are some ways that you can step up your basketball game.


Never overlook the importance and the benefits of athletic shoes, especially ones designed for the court. Early on, you might consider getting cheaper shoes, and especially for parents that mostly see the price tags without the added benefits of the shoes themselves. There are significant differences that you need to look out for and be aware of when it comes to shoes, as they can actually make a difference on the basketball court. They have different design elements, and you have to consider the grip, the support, and the responsiveness that each pair provides. 

Especially for competitive leagues and teams, make sure that you at least are on even footing with a good pair of basketball shoes. There are different shoes that provide benefits on outdoor courts, hardwood courts, and even dusty courts as well, so that is important to keep in mind. Consider different shoe reviews and what others have to say to ensure you have the right footwear for your position and your game.

Compression Gear

Accessories like shooting sleeves or leg sleeves are not just an aesthetic choice. For serious athletes that play organized games, you want to consider using compression gear for your legs and arms for several reasons. For those that hustle hard, often diving on the floor, having sleeves and pads prevent floor burn for when you hit the floor for loose balls. The extra cushioning ensures you are minimizing the impact. 

Additionally, compression gear is important for muscles as you want your body to stay warm during games. There is a lot of downtimes, depending on substitutions and rotations, and keeping warm is something all athletes, but especially basketball players want to do in order to prevent cramps and muscle stiffness.

Massagers or Foam Rollers

One important aspect of sports in general, but very important for basketball is taking the time to properly cool down after workouts and games. Maintaining your body is critical for a long career in basketball and sports. At some point in your playing and athletic journey, you will find yourself sore. After every game or workout, you should take the time to relax and decompress your muscles. 

This will make the recovery process that much faster. This is especially important for basketball as there tend to be more games to play if you are part of a school team. Massaging out your muscles will also be beneficial to get back in the gym in game shape to continue to improve your game. 

Home Hoops

One of the best ways to upgrade your basketball game is to install a home basket. This can be done with the installation of a simple backboard and rim if you have somewhere to secure it at the appropriate height. You can otherwise purchase a portable rim that can be used for most driveways. This will save you time from having to go to a gym or your local park to get up shots. 

Depending on your home and how you install your basket, you may not be able to run game-type situations, but the benefit to be able to practice and get your shots in is invaluable. This is perfect for improving not only jump shots but free throws as well, which is an aspect that many young players overlook and do not practice enough. If you have the room on your property, you can absolutely simulate game situations and even have some competitive game runs. 

Base Padding and Other Accessories

If you are installing a more permanent basketball hoop in your home or on your property, make sure that you consider different accessories, showcased from Goalrilla basketball hoop accessories, you want to keep in mind things like padding for your posts, as this ensures your athletes are landing safely. You do not want to be caught in a heated game and have a run-in with a pole that causes you injury or harm. Shooting machines can provide you the rebounders you need when practicing your shot, even if you are shooting alone in the gym. Ball racks provide easy storage for your equipment, There are different ways to upgrade your courts, you just need to consider how serious you are and your budget for these accessories.

Dribble Trainers Apps or Tools

Moving on and away from the physical changes and additions to your game to looking at other ways you can upgrade your basketball game, one of the first things you can consider getting is different apps or programs that will help you train. Training plays a significant role in how you perform on the court and how you grow and improve as a player. There are many apps and programs to help with a variety of skills needed for basketball. Dribble trainers provide you different drills to improve your handle and coordination. 

A lot of the apps available can be used off your phone to guide you through several different workouts, and get important advice. The great thing about these apps is that they won’t be as costly as having to buy a new hoop or build your own court, but still help you improve your game. Other apps can help provide drills to focus on other skills like shooting or even simply improve your condition and movement. There are many ways to step up your game, so use all your resources.

Upgrade Your Knowledge and IQ

It is important in order for you to evolve and grow as a basketball player is to also study the game. Basketball is just as mental as it is a physical sport. You can only rely on your athleticism for so long, and basketball knowledge will help you take your game to a new level. It is one thing to grow with skills and improve with practice, but the great players will not only watch basketball games but study them. You need to start analyzing games and looking at how players perform, not just on the ball, but off the ball as well. 

Understand how plays are run and executed. Watch closely how good teams play and pay attention to details that not everyone will see. Studying the game and getting that mental edge will help you compete and beat players that are not just of the same skill, but can give you that competitive edge against players that are more athletic or more physically gifted than you.

Film Your Games

It is not enough to watch others play, but you also need to understand how you are playing as well. If you have the capability to do so, film your own games. This is important for taking the knowledge you have of the game that you have learned from studying others and their film, but learning how to incorporate it into your game. Having a film of your own performances will allow you to visualize the mistakes you might be making on the court and how to fix them. Understand that not everyone is open to learning and evolving, and not everyone will be keen to admit their mistakes in order to improve. Having this self-awareness will allow you to do better than those around you and take your game to new levels.

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Work With a Trainer to Improve Your Game

Understanding that basketball IQ is necessary in order to be a great player is critical in growing. But it is not enough to simply understand how plays develop or how certain moves work in theory. Even with game film, and trying to incorporate moves you have learned can be difficult. This is where trainers can help you improve drastically. Professional trainers will have the equipment to help simulate what you need to envision game scenarios. 

They will have an eye to see what you are doing wrong in real-time and help you see and correct it. And of course, most older trainers will have years of experience that they can help teach to younger players and give them insight into different aspects of their training. No matter where you are in life, there is always someone that will have advice you can use.

All sports preach the importance of practice, and that is always going to be a way for improvement. However, since every athlete understands this and has heard it from everyone, you should also keep in mind that there are many other ways to improve your basketball game. Even professionals have things to improve on and work on every day, so you shouldn’t ever think that you don’t need to work on your game.