DC Comics & Infinite Frontier #0 Spoilers: Justice Society Of America (JSA), Batman, Black Superman, Kid Quick Plus Blue Beetle & Booster Gold Teased!

DC Comics and Infinite Frontier #0 Spoilers follows.

Justice Society Of America (JSA), Batman, Black Superman, Kid Quick Plus Blue Beetle and Booster Gold Teased!

Writer Josh Williamson teased the below.

Calvin Ellis Superman and Barry Allen Flash

Well, President Superman is in the issue. He has an important role in the issue and that’ll kind of set up some of the stuff that comes out afterward…

…The stuff with President Superman, the scene that he’s in with the Flash Family, and the scene where he’s talking with Barry will impact things down the line.

You’ll start to see that in the Flash book later, and then you’ll see some stuff later on in the summer that really start to tie some of these things together.

Batman Family

I mean, the stuff that happens in the Bat story alone that impacts all the Bat-books immediately.

Justice Society’s Green Lantern Alan Scott and Infinity’s Inc. Obsidian and Jade

Like some of the stuff with Alan Scott, Jane, Obsidian – the moments in there will then pick up a little bit later.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Blue Beetle only has a very small scene in this, but that’s partially because of him having a role in something else later on in the year. Like we wanted the cover to represent not just this one issue, but also some of the stuff that’s coming in DC for 2021 and because of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold and some of their roles later is why we put them on the cover.

Jess Chambers (Non-Binary) Kid Quick from Future State: Justice League

We’ll definitely see them again, for sure. I always worry about getting into too many spoilers. Their story isn’t over. And if you look in the issue, especially once you get to Future State: Justice League #2, you can see I’m a big fan of them as a character. I’ve written a lot of Flash. So, it was important to me to do something different and to write a Flash that I hadn’t written before.

So, when I was offered to work with Jess, I totally went for it and really fell in love with writing all of the characters or writing their relationship with Andy in particular. It was one of the things that unlocked the stuff in my head for writing the whole cast. It was writing that scene with them in issue 1 – it’s funny that script went through a lot of changes, but that scene never changed. That scene always stayed. Partially because I think a lot of stuff came around that interaction between the two of them. They really helped me build out a lot of the interactions with the rest of the cast. That being said, I have a plan for the DCU and a plan for all this stuff in Infinite Frontier and Jess is definitely part of that plan.

Infinite Frontier #0 lands in stores on March 2 /3, 2021.

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