DC Comics & DC Future State: Teen Titans #2 Spoilers & Review: Red X Unmasked, Wally West Flash Fate Revealed As Shazam & Infinite Frontier’s Teen Titans Academy Teased?!

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DC Comics and DC Future State: Teen Titans #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

Red X Unmasked, Wally West Flash Fate Revealed…

…As Shazam and…

…Infinite Frontier’s Teen Titans Academy Teased?!

Nightwing dons Deathstroke’s mask for protection and frees Red X who wants to help with the threat before them using the H Dial of Dial H for Hero infamy.

The team is not amused and we get a flashback to Teen Titans Academy.

In DC Future State, the team uses Raven’s portal to get to the fight underway with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, um, the Dark Riders actually including the dead Wally West Flash as Famine (after he killed the Justice Society of America (JSA) Jay Garrick Golden Age Flash in the pages of the DC Future State: Flash duology).

The team combines forces…

…yet it’s not enough necessitating…

…Red X’s unmasking and sacrifice?!

The team mourns yet…

…appreciates Red X’s efforts to defeat the Dark Riders and setting their former Teen Titans hosts free to stay dead.

The book ends with Raven ahold of the Dark Riders’ spirits and beginning to be corrupted by them as…

…as Shazam takes her to a very different Rock of Eternity for healing?

That last page is likely intending to tease that we’ll learn how the Rock of Eternity changed during the new Teen Titans Academy series as part of Infinite Frontier; not that this DC Future State story continues in TTA.

The Pulse:

Solid art rendering a topsy turvy story. Red X’s arc was interesting as is Shazam’s and this implausible tease of Infinite Frontier’s Teen Titans Academy. 7 out of 10.

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