Top Call of Duty: Warzone Cheats Helpful For Starters

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Call of Duty: Warzone has been successful for a while now and it does not appear to be slowing down. Millions of players from all parts of the world enjoy it. The game is a cracker and there are many cheats to help new players. Here are some of them:

  1. Don’t Be Too Obvious

When using cheats, do not make things too obvious. Other players should not be able to spot your cheats. With Warzone there are many ways to be safe. When using a Warzone aimbot, you need to be subtle. Do not go in guns blazing and expect not to be noticed. Your enemies are likely to get suspicious if you appear to be ripping everyone apart. You will be reported if your aimbot is too apparent.

Even though the aimbot has great abilities, do not abuse it. Use it when you need it the most. Play as you typically do and save the aimbot for when you have no other option. Whatever cheats you choose to use, the rule is to avoid flaunting them.

  1. Wallhacks/ESP.

This is a magical x-ray vision that lets you see through walls. You can determine the location of all players at all times. With wallhacks, smart positioning is the key. In most wallhack options, you can see details like player usernames, the kind of weapons they are holding, and how far from you they are. When they are within your line of sight, you may get a notification to start firing.

  1. Pick Up Contracts When Possible

Picking up contracts is a great way to earn loot and cash while moving around. According to the team at I Like Cheats, you do not need to spend lots of money on a loadout drop. They come in five types and are marked out: Recon, Bounties, Scavenger, Supply Run, and Most Wanted.

Bounties contracts mark out a player on the map. The radius will reduce as you get close to them. You, therefore, have a specified period to find and kill them. You get a reward once they die.

The Scavenger contract marks out a succession of loot boxes. There are three boxes with a cash reward and loot once you complete the set.

Most Wanted is a great contract but it can be a double-edged sword. For three minutes, you will be marked as a target for everyone. If you survive that limit, you get a cash reward. Dead members of your team will get back into the game instantly.

Supply Run is a new addition. With the contract, you can enjoy unlimited time to get to a specific Buy Station. If you get to it in time, you can get amazing discounts on the next purchase you make.

Recons is a contract that points you to a capture point. It is a bit riskier and may require that you remain out in the open for some time. You will be notified about the circle that closes next.

  1. Use ‘The Circle’

This is a safe zone in which you cannot be affected by gas. It is marked white on the map and it moves in small increments. If you are in the center of the circle, you can stay there safely for some time without being displaced. The circle can protect you for about three quarters of the game.

  1. In-Game Lobby

You need a specified number of people to join before the match can begin. Once you have enough players, you can start the pre-game warm up. Use it as a chance to practice shooting while you wait for the other players to come in.  

  1. Loadout Drops

Cash is very important in the game. However, you should know what your priorities are when you hit up the Buy Station. While UAVs can be very helpful, the biggest priority for your squad should be to have someone get a Loadout Drop as early on as possible.

The airdrops allow your entire squad to pick one of the multiplayer loadouts in which they can swap. They can get customized equipment and guns.

  1. Use Tall Buildings for Camping

Tall buildings are perfect for camping when playing at Call of Duty: Warzone. There are combos that can make them more effective. A Scouting Contract can give you rewards for holding an area. It will help you determine where to find the next circle.

Once you find a tall building close to the center, you can use a scoped rifle and claymore by the door and roof. Some buildings may be thirteen floors or higher. They give you an amazing sight advantage and you can mark enemies or parachute down to get a more advantageous position.

  1. Use the Gulag

With the Gulag, all players can be revived once. If you die, you will go into the 1v1 scenario. The winner can drop right back into action alongside their squad. Even though you can only go once, you can also buy the self-revive feature from in-game stores. Your squad also has the opportunity to buy you back into the game. They simply need to visit a store on the map.

  1. Share Resources

Even though you can play Warzone in solo mode, the goal is obviously to get into a squad in royale mode. When in a squad, you have to be tactical. Share resources to benefit the entire squad. If, for example, you have five spare plates and your squad mate is falling short, it would be wise to share. The principle of sharing resources also applies to ammo and cash. You may be unable to buy a loadout marker until you pull all your cash together.

  1. Pop Your Chute to Drop Faster

Popping and cutting your chute may help drop it faster. This is a cheat that players realized soon after the game went live. It gives you a head start and you have the option to glide slower if you please. You can cut your cord, dive, and re-pop your chute as often as you like.

When you are falling, you can pop the chute and cut cords for a more aggressive fall. It gives you a bit of a boost and allows you to cover more ground.

 Once your parachute is cut away, you have a few seconds to get some shots in. it may give you an added advantage.

  1. Look Out for Flares

While most players do not realize it, there are two instances in the game where a signal flare goes up into the sky. The nearby players can see it. One is buying a squad mate back and the other one is capturing a Recon contract point. The flare

When you start to capture a Recon contract point is white and the one when you buy a squad mate back is red.

Look out for the signals while moving around and you may get a drop on the team camping at a capture point.

  1. Vary Where You Drop

Even though you may be tempted to establish a few favorite spots and stick to them, it isn’t a good idea. It does not matter how isolated or loot-laden the spot may seem. Vary your spots on the map often and do not get back to the same spot unless you have to.       

Even though learning the map may take some time, changing up your rhythms and switching drop points will improve your general experience.

  1. Avoid Hoarding Cash

Warzone has a solid cash economy at its foundation. You will be collecting money as you run around and completing contracts will help you earn more. While you might not find much money in some games, others give you plenty of earning opportunities. Whichever situation you are in, avoid holding on to your money for too long.

In the royale mode battle, for example, there are no bonuses for collecting cash. Therefore, you only get to use it at Buy Stations. Buying rewards is a priority and you should be proactive about it.

After all, you cannot take any of the money with you. If, for example, you have dying teammates, it would be wise to buy them in instead of holding on to money.

  1. Be Creative With Equipment

There is a wide variety of equipment in the game and picking the right ones will help you get out of tough situations. Whether it is the Dead Silence upgrade to keep you quiet or field cover to block the enemies, ensure that your equipment is helpful.

A fun strategy involves field drones that you may find. When using the drone, for example, a teammate may have C4. They can drop it on the drone to turn it into a miniature mobile bomb.

In conclusion, Warzone can be a bit overwhelming especially for beginners. There are many overlapping systems that may be difficult to understand. Fortunately, there are a few cheats that can make things easier. While some of them are simple and straightforward, others require you to be tactful.