How to Take Your Call of Duty Skills to the Next Level

Call of Duty is one of the most played computer games of all time and today it is enjoyed by players all over the world. From the ultra-realistic Modern Warfare Series to the groundbreaking Black Ops games, Call of Duty has turned us all into sofa soldiers, determined to win the war against our friends or other players online. As much fun as Call of Duty is, starting can be a frustrating experience as your death count is constantly higher than your kills and assists. While learning any game takes time, there are some tricks to help accelerate the learning process.

Here is how to take your Call of Duty Skills to the next level.

1. Learn the Game Maps

The first thing you will need to do in order to take your Call of Duty Skills to the next level is to learn the game maps like the back of your hand. This will enable you to get a jump on the opposition from the very start of a new game. Every map has its own hiding places and positions from which to take out enemies with a sniper rifle or plan sneak attacks with a knife. Being able to rack up the kills from multiple positions on each map means that you are sure to be in the top spots of the leader boards. 

By learning the game maps perfectly, whenever you respawn you will be able to immediately make your way to an advantageous spot. It also means that you will be warier when moving through certain areas. If you know there is a great sniper position in a particular tower, for example, you will know to zigzag as you run past it in case another player is up there looking to shoot you. If you are playing multi-screen against your friends, one quick look at their screen will tell you their location, and if you know where it is, you can plan an ambush. Many people complain when someone else looks at their screen but we all know that everyone does it so ignore their protests and plan your attack.

2. Practice in Campaign Mode

While the online and multiplayer modes are many people’s favorite types of gameplay, the campaign modes in Call of Duty are incredible. Depending on which version of the game you are playing, you may be up against the Nazis and Japanese in WWII, or taking out terrorists in secret missions on Black Ops. The campaign mode is excellent for practicing your shooting skills and also teaches you the best way to use obstacles. It is worth remembering that computer-controlled enemies do not move or fight like human players but they will still give you an opportunity to hone your abilities without affecting your online kill ratios. 

As you get better at campaign mode, you can increase the difficulty level until you can do even the most difficult levels with ease. Having countless enemies shooting at you from all sides in campaign mode is very similar to an online game so it will help you get a feel for that mode too. The campaign mode is also ideal for mastering all of the different weapons available in the game. Many online and multiplayer modes will have limitations on which weapons you can use so it always pays to be a master with all of them.

3. Create the Right Gaming Environment

Professional gamers will tell you that creating the gaming environment is very important for playing well as if you are uncomfortable it can seriously affect your gameplay. These days, serious gaming enthusiasts are investing in special chairs, lighting setups, and especially, desks. There are many options when it comes to buying the perfect desk for Call of Duty, and Desky gaming desks have a lot of useful features to consider. Gaming desks should be stable, durable, and allow you to adjust the height to suit you. In addition, ergonomic edges will protect your wrists and hands during long gaming sessions when you are fighting your way through a particularly difficult campaign mission.

In addition to the desk, a specialized gaming chair will help you to be comfortable while you play. There are so many different models of gaming chairs available and the prices can vary enormously based on the features you are looking for. Built-in speakers, message capabilities, and Bluetooth functions are all available, so decide your budget and then find the perfect chair to suit your gaming style.

4. Play Against Weaker Players First

One reason why Call of Duty can be so frustrating is because when you first start playing, particularly on online mode, you just get killed straight away. This is because many professional and high-level players just play Call of Duty all day, every day. It can be incredibly difficult as a new player to even get to know the maps and the gameplay as every time you respawn you just get killed straight away. 

One way to become more comfortable with the game without just being shot, stabbed or blown up immediately is to challenge weaker players first to build up your skills. While it may not be the most altruistic training method, invite your younger brother or sister to play so that you can practice getting kills before moving online. Your younger sibling will just be happy to finally have the chance to play with you so they won’t mind (too much) after you popping out to stab there time and time again.

5. Challenge More Advanced Friends

Once you have mastered the art of sniping your baby sister, the next step on your journey to Call of Duty dominance is to start challenging your more advanced friends. We all know how sneaky friends can be when it comes to revealing their levels of ability. Everyone has that friend who says, “I have only played it once”, and then knows every nook and cranny on the maps, so be very wary.

Get a few friends together who you believe to have a similar level of skill and experience as you do and challenge them to a multiplayer game. Take it in turns to choose maps so that when it is your turn, you can select a map you have been practicing on and see if your hiding places and sniping positions are effective. It will also enable you to learn new spots and tricks by watching what your friends do. By taking on increasingly difficult opponents your skills will really start to advance and you will get better and better kill ratios both in multiplayer mode and in your online games.

6. Make Online Friends to Buddy Up With

When you do start playing online it can be a very isolating experience with people killing you all the time and trolling you over their microphones. For younger players, especially, this can be a horrible experience and really knock their confidence. Try to arrange with a friend to play together online so that you can have each other’s back and chat while you are playing. As you start to play more regularly you will be able to make new online friends who are on the same schedule or in the same timezone as you. This will mean that you always have someone to talk to and to work with during games. Your kill ratios can increase a lot if there are two or three of you working together to take out the enemy.

7. Play all the Time

The final and most effective way to take your Call of Duty skills to the next level is to simply play all the time. Becoming a pro at computer games is exactly the same as mastering a sport or musical instrument, it takes practice, practice, and more practice. The players who keep killing you over and over again when you first start out were not born with some inherent Call of Duty abilities and superhuman knowledge of the maps and weapons. They dedicate time to the game and focus on their weaknesses or gaps in their knowledge. You may not have plans to become a pro gamer, and likely do not have the time or desire to play 24 hours a day, but to improve the skills you will need to play regularly, particularly when you first get started. 

Purchasing the new version of the game as soon as it comes out will stop other players from getting the jump on you as coming to it a few months after release will leave you trying to play catch up. Try to pre-order a copy as soon as you can and dedicate a weekend to getting to know every aspect of every map, every weapon, everything.

When it comes to first-person shooting games, Call of Duty really changed everything, and it is now the most played online computer game in the world. Honing your skills takes time and dedication but it also requires a little planning. Follow these 7 easy tips and you will be top of the kill counts in no time.