Marvel Comics & X-Men Legends #1 Spoilers & Review: Third Summers Brother (Or Is That Fourth?) Revealed In An Intergalactic Thrill Ride?!

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Marvel Comics and X-Men Legends #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Third Summers Brother (Or Is That Fourth?) Revealed In An Intergalactic Thrill Ride?!

The book has a few variant covers on top of the above.

Plus the main cover.

The Shi’ar Empire’s Erik the Red and his forces are on Earth and on the hunt in 2021’s X-Men Legends #1 that…

…that takes place before 1994’s X-Men #39 for an in-continuity tale.

Mission accomplished as they find Scott Summers / Cyclops and Havok / Alex Summer’ grandparents!

Elsewhere the brothers know that the Shi’ar on Earth seemingly looking for…

…a baby that was taken…

…grew up elsewhere…

…manifesting mutant powers.

It is Adam-X aka Adam Neramani aka X-Treme whose story ties into…

…1996’s Captain Marvel #3.


Nathan Summers, Cyclops’ time-travelling aged son, finds Adam…

…telling him that the Summers Brothers need him as their grandparents have been kidnapped by the Shi’ar.


After Cable leaves, Adam is seemingly attacked by the Starjammers?!

The Summers Brothers arrive and assist Adam.

Adam’s mutant powers don’t seem to work on Cyclops and Havok, but…

…we don’t have time to sort that out as they encounter the leader of the Starjammers Corsair who is the father of  Summers Brothers; he’s Chris Summers and also the father of…



Next up is X-Men Legends #2 in stores on March 31, 2021.

For those wondering, Adam-X as X-Treme debuted in 1993’s X-Force Annual #2; for more on Adam-X you can check out a more “official” one here and an “unofficial” one here.

While Adam appears to be third Summers Brother, that would make Gabriel Summers aka Vulcan, the now fourth Summers Brother, who debuted in 2005’s X-Men: Deadly Genesis.

His story continued in the Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire.

Then X-Men: Divided We Stand.

Followed by the Emperor Vulcan storyline.

Then X-Men: Kingbreaker.

Vulcan then last appeared in 2009’s War of Kings before his recent return.

Vulcan returned 10 years later during 2019’s House of X  / Powers of X.

He then played a continuing role in 2019’s Dawn of X core X-Men series into 2020 including during the Empyre event.

The Pulse:

Awesome art and compelling story. I am intrigued. 8 out of 10.

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