DC Comics & Batman: Black & White #3 Spoilers & Review: The Next Batman Gets His Next Robin & She’s Bent?!

DC Comics and Batman: Black & White #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

The Next Batman…

…Gets His Next Robin and..

…She’s Bent?!

There are quite a few short stories in this issue, but I am focusing on the Next Batman one starring Tim Fox aka Jace.

So, this appears early in the Next Batman’s time as the Dark Knight as…

…as his captors are shocked that he’s African American and…

…mock him for “playing” Batman.

He grins because his partner is en route and “she’s bent” according to Tim Fox; turns out its sister Tiffany Fox in costume, but without a nom du guerre whether Robin or otherwise.

She comes and cleans house and they are in the thick of the battle together.

More hijinks ensue, but…

…the good guys naturally win.

We then end with some profiles…

…of the creative team.

The Pulse:

An interesting story with solid art that evolves the Next Batman mythology. 8 out of 10.

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