DC Comics & Crime Syndicate #1 Spoilers & Review: What Threat Does Ultraman & Team Face? What Are Owlman & Outsider Up To?

DC Comics and Crime Syndicate #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

What Threat Does Ultraman and Team Face?

What Are Owlman and Outsider Up To?

The book opens with Ultraman and contrasting him for readers with Superman.

The main story ends with Starro attacking the team minus Owlman.

Who controls who at the end? Does Ultraman want to destroy Metropolis or is that Starro’s doing?

Then we learn where Owlman is.

He’s in Gotham City with the Outsider, Alfred Pennyworth, looking…

…for an advantage.

The back-up story is Ultraman’s new origin. I’ll tackle that separately.

The Pulse:

While I wasn’t wholly sold on the art, the story was compelling. It needed to contrast the Justice League, but them went where it needed to go for the Crime Syndicate. I am intrigued. 6 out of 10.

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