DC Comics & Infinite Frontier #0 Spoilers & Review: Surprise Zigs & Zags For Wally West Flash, Justice Society Of America (JSA), Red X, Batman, Superman & More?!

DC Comics and Infinite Frontier #0 Spoilers and Review follows.

Surprise Zigs and Zags For Wally West Flash, Justice Society Of America (JSA), Red X, Batman, Superman and More?!

The book has two covers…

…the variant cover focusing on Wonder Woman which makes sense as her journey ties the issue together.

The book is over 60 pages with pretty impressive creative teams.

The book opens with Infinite Frontier going literal in a cosmic way as…

…the Quintessence is ready to help Wonder Woman evolve to the next level of existence after her defining heroic moment that saved it all in the Dark Nights: Death Metal finale.

She is reluctant so the Spectre takes on her on a journey across her new world of Earth 0 and we open with Superman seemingly accepting Black Adam’s heroic turn.

Elsewhere, in Arkham Asylum, Bane appears to have been murdered by the Joker.

Still in Gotham City, we learn that there are Batgirls and a Birds of Prey as…

…Grifter and the Next Batman’s family are part of the mix.

Over on Paradise Island, Hippolyta will take her daughter’s place in Man’s World as Nubia does not become Wonder Woman, but the new Queen of the Amazons.

We also see Yara Flor the new Wonder Girl head to college or something.

We then move onto the Justice Society of America (JSA)…

…where Alan Scott the first Green Lantern is talking with his kids, formerly of Infinity Inc., and…

…comes out as gay; they embrace their dad.

Elsewhere, a mysterious Red X is the focus of the Teen Titans Academy tease. 

We move to Jon Kent who the Spectre tell Wonder Woman he doesn’t trust and she should keep an eye on him.

We later learn that Green Arrow and Black Canary remain a couple as Roy Harper aka Arsenal is back to the land of the living, but keeping that fact to himself for now.

The Stargirl and Seven Soldiers are also teased.

Back to Gotham City, Batman is hunted by the police and Punchline remains in jail.

We then meet Simon Saint, the main behind the Magistrate program, and…

…witness the new look Scarecrow that DC has been hyping for some time.

Next up is the Green Lantern Corps where looks like the Linearverse and linear time is acknowledged as Jon Stewart and Simon Baz take Teen Lantern to Oa to find out the deal behind her powers.

Next up is the Flash as Wally West becomes Earth 0 and the Justice League’s Flash as Barry Allen becomes the Flash of Justice Incarnate set to explore the new omniverse.

We then get a glimpse of over parts of Infinite Frontier and heroes and villains.

The book ends with Wonder Woman declining her evolution and taking on a new path in this new…

…Infinite Frontier.

The epilogue revolves around Earth Omega, which the Quintessence plan to use a jail of sorts, but they are seemingly killed by a returning Darkseid!

The Pulse:

An ambitious issue with a mix of creative teams with glimpses of the future. Compelling and intriguing. 7 out of 10.

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