Marvel Comics & King In Black Handbook #1 Spoilers & Review: Who Really Are Dylan Brock, His Mom, Knull & More!


Marvel Comics and King In Black Handbook #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Who Really Are Dylan Brock, His Mom, Knull and More!

We open with the creators’ credits page.

The book ended with an index, but I’ll open with it here.

Here are the most intriguing entries for me that help understand the recent years of world building of the Venom mythology including a new planet, an artifact and people.

The planet Klyntar over two pages.

The All-Black blade over two pages.

The villain behind King in Black the god of darkness Knull over two pages.

While Eddie Brock as Venom, Flash Thompson as Anti-Venom and Carnage get a fair number of pages in this handbook (yet I think we know the general points we need too about these characters)  Eddie’s son Dylan gets his own bio over one page.

Dylan Brock’s mom Anne aka She-Venom gets two pages.

The last two entries I chose to spotlight have do with my love of the Venom: First Host mini-series.

The Sleeper symbiote (above) now using Dylan’s Brock’s cat as a host over one page and Tel-Kar (below) the first host over two pages.

It is worth picking up the tpb of the 2018 Venom: First Host mini-series.

The Pulse:

A nice handbook to get readers caught up on the key and some not-so-key players in King in Black. I think these Handbook would have more resonance in the pre-internet age, but there may be a market for this. I found it informative with Marvel curating what they thought was relevant in pulling the bios together. 7 out of 10.

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