DC Comics & Teen Titans Academy #1 Spoilers & Review: Secret History Of Red X, But Who Is The New One?!

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DC Comics and Teen Titans Academy #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Secret History Of Red X, But…

…Who Is The New One?!

Class is in session…

With a new crop of teens getting ready to be trained to take up the mantle of Teen Titans…

…being taught at a school named after fallen comrade Roy Harper aka Speedy, Arsenal and Red Arrow.

We meet the new class…

…including Dane; the team is attacked by a Red X avatar in their holo-training suite (DC’s answer to the Danger Room or a Holodeck).

One of the new class seems to have hacked the system, but Nightwing takes care of it.

We also see Billy Batson aka Shazam at the school and we get an explanation about how the school works; the faculty are the one-time New Teen Titans now just “Titans”, with upper classmen making up the current “Teen Titans” making the current class a nameless so-to-speak non-team (so far).

More Red X hacking, but I thought that kid was the one that did it earlier; perhaps not? Hmm.

Party time for Nightwing’s birthday as someone gifts him an old Red X mask that he used to use it seems.

So, he tells the class the story of Red X and that he/it is not a great thing; not an idea that embodies the Teen Titans ethos.

Book begins to end with the Red X mask going missing at the party, and Nightwing and Starfire rekindling their old romance despite Oracle/Batgirl being a major part of his ongoing series.

Book actually ends on who stole the mask being quite angry.

The Pulse:

An intriguing first issue with a concept that works. Decent art. There was lots of Red X in the book without it being him till the end. 7 out of 10.

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