Marvel Comics & Excalibur #19 Spoilers & Review: Psylocke Vs. Captain Britain! Can Betsy Braddock Be Reborn & What Does Kwannon Have To Say About It?!


Marvel Comics and Excalibur #19 Spoilers and Review follows.

Psylocke Vs. Captain Britain!

Can Betsy Braddock Be Reborn and What Does Kwannon Have To Say About It?!

The multiversal Captain Britain Corps wants Betsy Braddock Captain Britain aka Captain Britain Prime to return from the dead, but…

…Saturyne will not undo her fate during the X of Swords event.

On Earth 666, Marvel’s prime Earth for its core publishing line anyway, Excalibur has Betsy’s body, but can’t revive her.

Psylocke aka Kwannon who once shared a body or essence or somesuch with Betsy unleashes her light or somesuch and will follow it to bring her sprit or essence back to her body.

Psylocke gets a cool new costume out of the deal…

…tracks down Betsy…

…fights her which culminates in a detente.

She returns to Earth 666 with the Starlight Sword and Betsy Braddock’s essence…

…returning it to her body bringing her back to the land of the living.

The book ends with the reveal that Malice complicated Captain Britain;s return to life.

Malice was a one-time member of the Marauders from her classic Marvel Handbook Who’s Who type bio.

The Pulse:

Solid art and compelling story. 7 out of 10.

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