Dynamite Entertainment & Sonjaversal #2 Spoilers & Review: How Many Sonja’s Show Up Along With Red Sonja? Are They Friends, Foes Or Frenemies?


Dynamite Entertainment and Sonjaversal #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

How Many Sonja’s Show Up Along With Red Sonja? Are They Friends, Foes Or Frenemies?

The book has a fair number of variant covers on top of the one above.

Plus the main cover.

The mystery of The Sonja Curse unfolds in this issue.

Well, we open with Steampunk Sonja (BTW, I’ll be naming the Sonja’s myself where it is not readily clear or revealed)…

…then Biker Sonja…

…plus (I think) Purple and Green Sonja who we met last issue.

We finally encounter Red Sonja, I believe, and…

…then Cybernetic Sonja who…

…confronts last issue’s Orange Sonja.

That’s seven (7) Sonja’s so far while Saint Sonja (making it eight [8]) does a roll call in prayer, or something, naming only four (4)  Sonja’s (Red, Orange, Purple and Green).

We see another futuristic Sonja in the water or glass (and she’s on a variant cover too I believe) making it nine (9) Sonja’s.

All the Sonja’s feel something amiss and we see a bunch of Sonja’s including three (3) new ones making it twelve (12) so far: Cowgirl Sonja, Silver Sonja and Lacrosse Sonja.

They have been summoned to…

…hell by Demon Sonja making it an unlucky number thirteen (13) Sonja’s in this issue.

The Pulse:

Another fun ride seeing so many Sonja’s, but storyline still feels a bit convoluted and inaccessible. Yet, I am drawn in and intrigued. Decent art though and top notch variant covers for the most part. 6.5 out of 10.

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