Marvel Comics & Star Wars #6 Spoilers & Review: How Luke Skywalker Gets His Yellow Blade Lightsaber Revealed!

Marvel Comics and Star Wars #6 Spoilers and Review follows.

How Luke Skywalker Gets His Yellow Blade Lightsaber Revealed!

The book has two variant covers in addition the main cover above.

We open with a storyline catch-up page that not only updates readers on the last few issues, but also places this story within the movie franchise; there is also creators’ credits on this same page.

The issue opens with some hostility, but ends with Luke Skywalker learning where he can find a lightsaber.

He and R2-D2 head there…

…to a Jedi Temple where…

…the new lightsaber is acquired.

He’s quickly attacked by a Sith and the new weapon is put to use.

Luke wins and his father is disappointed in his Sith agent; however, we learn there are worse fates than death in Darth Vader’s orbit.

The book ends with a triumphant Luke Skywalker…

…showing off his new yellow lightsaber for his fellow rebels.

Since Star Wars #6  came out on September 16, 2020 (I had hoped to do this review sooner) the series will have its next issue released on May 12, 2021 (skipping over April 2021) with Star Wars #13; main cover and solicitation below.

(W) Charles Soule (A) Ramon Rosanas (CA) Carlo Pagulayan


  • CHEWBACCA has heard from an old friend with intelligence on the location of notorious bounty hunter BOBA FETT, known to be in possession of HAN SOLO.
  • Along with LUKE SKYWALKER, the loyal Wookiee sets off in search of his lost friend, on an adventure to Nar Shadaa… the SMUGGLER’S MOON!
  • But will this mission prevent plucky astromech droid ARTOO DETOO from passing along a crucial message to Luke, one that will affect the fate of the entire Jedi Order…?

Rated T
In Shops: May 12, 2021
SRP: $3.99

The Pulse:

AMAZING art and compelling story for Star Wars #6. Action, drama, intrigue. Entertaining issue for someone who is not a regular reader. Weak variant covers through. 7 out of 10.

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