Marvel Comics & X-Men Legends #2 Spoilers & Review: X-Treme Adam-X’s Secret History As 3rd (Or 4th?) Summers Brother Revealed!

Marvel Comics and X-Men Legends #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

X-Treme Adam-X’s Secret History As 3rd (Or 4th?) Summers Brother Revealed!

The book also has a few variant covers on top of the Brett Booth main cover.

John Taylor Christopher’s variant above and Iban Coello’s variant below.

That Coello cover connects with other ones for this series.

We open with a dramatis personae and creators credits page.

The book ends with a dramatis personae of sorts in the Summers Family tree which may put to rest, or create more questions, for this iconic mutant family.

And, in the further spirit of duplicative efforts, the first page of art in the issue also doubles as a creators credits page too.

Corsair, aka Christopher Summers, has shot X-Treme, aka Adam-X, but…

…he was / is Scott and Alex Summers, Cyclops and Havok respectively, but not Corsair’s son; more on that shortly.

However, it looks like Adam-X is more durable than expected, and has a bounty on his head literally.

As they depart, we learn that Scott and Alex’s mother’s human DNA was merged with D’Ken’s Shi’ar DNA to create Adam-X.

We then get more…

…on Adam-X’s backstory.

They decide to dupe D’Ken and pretend to bring a captive Adam-X to him, but…

…it was ruse and he takes out D’Ken’s team all by himself…

…including D’Ken.

We get a Summers Family reunion, but…

…there is the matter of the threat to Lilandra’s Shi’ar throne by D’Ken attempting to use Adam-X.

However, they decide to directly deal with her and she holds no grudges.

The book ends with Adam-X back on Earth and someone watching Mister Sinister watching Adam-X.

Next up is X-Men Legends #3 on shelves on April 28, 2021.

The Pulse:

Awesome art and intriguing story. Entertaining and enjoyable read. 9 out of 10.

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