DC Comics & Challenge Of The Super Sons #10 Spoilers & Review: Aurora’s Plans For Damian Wayne Robin & Superboy Jon Kent Revealed!

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DC Comics and Challenge Of The Super Sons #10 Spoilers and Review follows.

Aurora’s Plans For Damian Wayne Robin and…

…Superboy Jon Kent Revealed!

We did this a bit out-of-order as our spoilers-filled review of issue #9 is here and issue #11 is here.

This issue #10 feature is naturally in-between.

Faust’s apprentice Aurora lost her parents to the dark magician and sees the Super Sons fathers falling to the same fate in the futire.

She wants to help them and be like them.

She takes them to her lair, a treehouse effectively, that is a forest where use of magic is forbidden and…

…enforced by a friendly giant.

The book ends with Faust spying on the Super Sons and Aurora with…

…Savage’s impatience spurring the villains to action.

The Pulse:

Another fun issue on story, but the art is still too cartoony for me yet it fits the tone of the tone of the story. 7 out of 10.

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