Image Comics & Geiger #1 Spoilers & Review: Epic Unleashed, With A Sprinkling Of Political Commentary, By DC Comics Doomsday Clock Creators!

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Image Comics and Geiger #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Epic Unleashed, With A Sprinkling Of Political Commentary, By DC Comics Doomsday Clock Creators!

The book has a few more variant covers on top of the above including a blank cover.

Plus second print covers.

Even some thank you variant covers.

One of which was a United Kingdom exclusive.

Plus the main cover.

We open with a creators credits page and…

…then into first few pages Image Comics released months ago…

…as a teaser preview of sorts setting up this new series and its world.


A nuclear war has engulfed the United States and no one knows how, what or who shot the first nuke.

Nonetheless, Tariq Geiger and his family run for their…

…fallout shelter, but are attacked by stereotypical well-to-do white people with overt white privilege who are totting guns.  

Tariq tells his wife and child to lock themselves in the fallout shelter and leave him.

They do and the gun totting kooks continue to torment Tariq trying to getting into the shelter, but…


…a nuke explodes and…

…they seemingly disintegrate. 

Twenty years later…

…scavengers are in Boulder City, but…

…Tariq Geiger won’t let them into his new compound witch crushed cars as walls.

Looks like he survived the nuclear blast and why seemingly removing cooling rods from his body…

…he gets radioactive!

The scavengers flees and Geiger and his two-headed dig collect their explosive to add to their belongings. 

It is a lonely life for Geiger that he is painfully aware of.

His mission is still to somehow enter the fallout shelter where he believes his family is, but Boulder City remains radiative and a danger to humans.


Elsewhere, we meet the series’ antogonists…

…the boy-king of Las Vegas who is not following whatever riles Geiger has established?!

The Pulse:

An intriguing first issue that sucks you in. Breathtaking art and compelling world building. I like how their is a myth of Geiger and that he’s called different things by different things. I’ll be back for the next issue. 8 out of 10.

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