DC Comics & Far Sector #11 Spoilers & Review: Penultimate Issue For Sojourner Jo Mullein As She Takes Lead Role In Green Lantern Corps For Infinite Frontier!

DC Comics and Far Sector #11 Spoilers and Review follows.

Penultimate Issue For Sojourner Jo Mullein As…

…She Takes Lead Role In Green Lantern Corps…

…For Infinite Frontier!

The rogue councilor has been arrested for crimes against his world and he’s taken to…

…the second of the three rogue “dictators”.

The jig is up, this last one won’t go without a fight in her attempt to hold onto power and cancel the referendum.

Well, an injured “freedom fighter” as set events in motion so that if the referendum does not proceed, bombs will engage all over the world and…

…there will be no planet to rule.

Sojourner Jo Mullein will use what power she has left…

…to bring order…

…to this chaos that resulted in the death of her prisoner.

Love may still be in the air if this all ends well next issue.

Next up is the finale in Far Sector #12 out on June 1 / 2, 2021.

Jo Mullein is now a lead in the John Stewart anchored Green Lantern series whose first issue is on shelves now (full spoilers here).

Green Lantern #2 hits stores on May 4 / 5, 2021.

The Pulse:

The strengths of this issue remains what has been throughout; the political intrigue in the story and the gorgeous art. The story is multi-layered and complex at times; it does require more than one read for me. Some may find it inaccessible as there is lots to unpack and see; an end is nigh nonetheless. 6.5 out of 10.

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