Dynamite Entertainment & Sonjaversal #3 Spoilers & Review: How Many MORE Sonja’s Show Up & Show Out Red Sonja This Time?


Dynamite Entertainment and Sonjaversal #3 Spoilers and Review follows.

How Many MORE Sonja’s Show Up and Show Out Red Sonja This Time?

The book has quite a few variant covers on top of the above.

Plus the main cover.

The mystery of The Sonja Curse continues to unfold.

As I noted last issue, I’ll try to identify all the Sonja’s in the issue and I’ll be naming the Sonja’s myself where it is not readily clear or revealed; so, we open in hell with Lacrosse Sonja witnessing six different Sonjas do battle as Sonja the Queen of Hell speaks to everyone!

She made a deal with Saint Sonja to deal with an alleged betrayal by Red Sonja; whichever Sonja kills the OG red one will be spared and get some prizes too essentially; we also see (I think) present-day Red Sonja as well as Aqua Sonja and Freeze Sonja on this page.

Lacrosse Sonja is about to explore a different part of Hell, but Queen Sonja stops her and offers to protect her as Saint Sonja says that these battles may even lead to them in battle.

Elsewhere, in battles, Biker Sonja takes out Cowgirl Sonja.

Readers also learn that Red Sonja is oblivious to this Sonja civil war in hell and her place in it.

In the past, past-day Red Sonja and Warrick… dance.

Biker Sonja is confronted by Giant Sonja, Herb Sonja and Cyborg Sonja as Native Sonja and Princess Sonja look on all but the biker taken out by the Steampunk Sonja aka Yellow Sonja.

Elsewhere, Red Sonja beheads Manga Sonja we also begin to ghost Sonjas here (I won’t name them) as two Sonjas target it on Red Sonja; a Violet Sonja and S.O.N.J.A., but…

…Red Sonja escapes them…

…meeting up with more Sonja ghosts to tell her something isn’t right with this contest and hell itself.

Biker Sonja and Steampunk Sonja find sanctuary with Cosmic Sonja who plans to show how to escape hell since they aren’t trying to kill her.

We then see Cavewoman Sonja as…


…past-day Red Sonja is playing games with Warrick that he doesn’t appreciate.

Present-day Red Sonja takes the advice of the ghosts and meets up with Steampunk Sonja, Biker Sonja and Cosmic Sonja.

Lacrosse Sonja sees that Red Sonja is no longer in the hordes of Sonjas battling and killing each other in hell; this teen Sonja is too smart for Queen Sonja of Hell who kicks her away and tells her that doorway she found earlier in the issue was an exit from hell!

The book ends with Red Sonja with Biker Sonja, Cosmic Sonja and Steampunk Sonja revealing to readers that Hell is a planet?!

So, excluding ghost Sonjas and the two Red Sonjas (past and present), I believe then that’s at least 26 identifiable Sonjas in the issue (I didn’t include the faceless ones in battle in the background of hell).

The Pulse:

A fascinating issue, but I’m still having difficulty maneuvering all the Sonja’s and perhaps the creative team is too. The overall plan of the Sonja the Queen of Hell comes into focus as we have two more issues to go. Decent art. 6.5 out of 10.


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