Marvel Comics & Giant Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1 Spoilers & Review: A Betrayal, A Resurrection & Back To Basics?!

Marvel Comics and Giant Size Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

A Betrayal…

…A Resurrection and…

…Back To Basics?!

The book opens with the Avengers and Defenders offering to help Spider-Man, but…

…are stunned its to help Boomerang who Spidey vouches for is a reformed villain.

He also wants their helping taking down the Kingpin, the Mayor of New York City Wilson Fisk, but they find that hard to believe since the Mayor has been running ads saying Spider-Man supports him.

Nonetheless, they agree to help and the first thing they do is take on the swarm of villains after Boomerang as they descended in one area.

At the same time, J. Jonah Jameson, whose multi media company is behind Spider-Man new tech, has launched Pro-Spider Slayers that the public can control which adds some complexity and anxiety into the battle.

Spider-Man finds Boomerang after traversing the sewers.

They are attacked by the Boomerang Revenge Squad who they take out together.

The Black Cat stole Kingpin’s mystical tablet and gives it to Spider-Man.

They track down another and are visited by some kind of ghost telling them the next step may kill them.

Spider-Man stops Boomerang from sacrificing himself and Spidey also goes dark on the JJJ tech for this one.

Spider-Man approaches the ghost and is easily granted approval to the tablet.

He’s then attacked by the Boomerang Revenge Squad with Boomerang picking up the piece of the tablet.

A letter is left for Spider-Man where…

…we learn more about Boomerang’s one-time alliance with the Kingpin and…

…how this whole ghost-tablet deal happened as Boomerang casts his lot back with villains as a reluctant one.

The book ends with Kingpin revealing he’d approached Kindred for help and he refused to seemingly bring back to a life a loved one of the mayor’s.

We also learn more about the tablet’s origins…

…as its uses to bring the Rose aka Richard Fisk back to life?!

Next is Amazing Spider-Man #66 in stores on May 19, 2021.

The Pulse:

A lot to digest in this one. Lots of action, drama and intrigue. Decent art throughout. I thought the presence of the Kingpin was almost equal to the sporadic appearances by Kindred in this arc up to this issue. I still don’t care for Boomerang as a character, but I was moved by his conflict this issue. An entertaining mixed read. 6.5 out of 10.

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