Favorite Entertainment for Students in Australia in 2021

Student life in Australia can be stressful sometimes, with many worries about the coursework, meeting assignment deadlines, relationships, and even exams. The other side of it is one of the best times of every young adult’s life. 

Australian Student entertainment 2021

The diverse selection of attractions and fun activities in Australia can take forever to do all. We have assembled a bucket list of must-do fun activities for every student in Australia.

Take a foodie trip across Tasmania

Tasmania has a great culinary reputation across the world. Experience some of the most astonishing selections of excellent pinot noir, pork, berries, and more. Some of the best places to stop for a meal include La Pomme Brasserie in Devonport or the Tasmanian Food & Wine Conservatory in Sassafras. 

Other great stops include Ashgrove cheese at Elizabeth Town, Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm during the berry season. The appropriate time for students to take this Tasmanian foodie Trip is during the summer holidays between December and February. 

The life of a student doesn’t have to be all about classrooms and the library. Finding a balance between school coursework and fun can be tasking in college. As you plan the foodie trip across Tasmania or any other part of the country as such, it is possible to pay someone to do your essay on EssayOnTime Australia. Find resources like free essays, essay topics, books + essay examples to enhance your study time. You will be saving time to learn and read on more difficult topics in your course.

Try sandboarding on dunes

On the weekends, you can find diverse places to sandboard across the vast deserts, abundant beaches, with massive dunes that can be ridden with ease. Sandboarding is a safe sport to enjoy in your free time and holiday. The sand gives way in case you fall and offers you a soft landing every time. 

There are dunes of different sizes across the country. Newbies can gain experience with smaller dunes then try massive dunes as they get comfortable. The best locations for sandboarding are Stockton Bright dunes in Newcastle and Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to sandboard because you will be offered training and surf the 30 to 50 meters dunes as long as you like.

Ride a luxury train across the continent- The Ghan

The Ghan train journey is named after the Afghan camel drivers who used to wander around Australia’s center. This is a mind-blowing trip and affordable travel for students you wouldn’t wish to miss out on. The unforgettable ride takes in 1891 miles across the mountains, tropics, Katherine Gorge, scotched dessert, Flinders Ranges, and the Red center.

Because the journey takes three days, you will have to find time with your friends either during the summer holiday or in long semester breaks to have this lifetime fun activity. You can travel from Adelaide to Darwin or vice versa, depending on your location. You can also have a round trip back and forth as you experience fascinating whistle-stop tours in Katherine and Alice Spring. 

Australian students entertainment

Roller coaster ride and water slides at the Gold Coast

Experience the best of the Gold Coast theme parks, which offer you the biggest thrilling rides, wildlife, and water slides. Buddle the Dreamworld with Whitewater World, which is adjacent to it, or you can purchase a combination pass for Warner Bros Movie World, Wet’n’Wild, or SeaWorld.

Wet’n’Wild has some amazing new rides with a very good “Surf Coaster,” and the heartwarming Aqua Loop, and Kamikaze near vertical drop is fantastic for those who cherish an adrenaline rush. The best time to enjoy this fun activity is on the weekend with your classmates and friends. 

Grab a drink in Melbourne’s Laneway

A weekend getaway with your buddies in Melbourne city will offer you an experience to talk about after finishing school. There are plenty of charming local bars hidden in the many colorful lanes in the city. 

Enjoy the best of local food, drinks and socialize with the local people. Don’t forget to grab a Smoky Rob Roy Cocktail at the leather banquettes at the sophisticated Eau de Vie. You can also visit Shebeen, Bar Americano, and Lily Blanks, among other popular local joints. 


The student years offer you the most memorable moments if you try to balance school and fun. Don’t be so stuck with schoolwork because the real experiences are outdoor. Take advantage of the weekend, semester breaks, and a summer holiday to get the best of Australia’s endless amusements.