Marvel Comics & Wolverine #12 Spoilers & Review: X-Men, Omega Red, Vampires, Oh My!


Marvel Comics and Wolverine #12 Spoilers and Review follows.

X-Men, Omega Red, Vampires…

…Oh My!

We open with a storyline catch-up, dramatis personae and creators credits page.

Action begins with Father Cole reforming the Night Guard for Dracula and attempting to recruit Louise, but Wolverine has a say in the matter.

Elsewhere, Dr. Boggs the scientist working for Dracula gets a visit from Omega Red who has a plan.

After healing and equipping Louise on Krakoa, they visit Beast at the Pointe and…

…Wolverine is disturbed that Omega Red is there, but agrees to an alliance based on Beast’s support.

Wolverine’s blood is weaponized…

…in part using a clone and Dr. Boggs blood serum…

…which neutralizes the vampire threat, but leads to Dr. Boggs’ death.

The book ends with Wolverine taking Louise to space…

..not just with alien vampires, but Arakko’s death mutant too; hmmm.

The Pulse:

Action-packed, gory and intriguing. That cliffhanger is compelling. Decent art. 7 out of 10.

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