DC Comics & Stargirl Spring Break Special #1 Spoilers & Review: Green Arrow Reboot! Who Is Eighth Soldier Of Victory?

DC Comics and Stargirl Spring Break Special #1 Spoilers and Review follows.

Green Arrow Reboot!

Who Is Eighth Soldier Of Victory?

Here we go.

This over-sized issue begins with the revelation that the modern day Oliver Queen Green Arrow was also the Golden Age Green Arrow due to time travel as…

…he explains his role in the original Seven Soldiers of Victory with his one-time ward Roy Harper as Speedy who was also wrapped in this time travel business.

The modern day Jill Carlyle Crimson Avenger breaks up the discussion as she needs Green Arrow to help the original Crimson Avenger Lee Travis; she ends up collecting Emiko Queen the Red Arrow as well.

We then pivot to Courtney Whitmore Stargirl and Pat Dugan one-time Seven Soldiers pf Victory’s Stripsy and modern day S.T.R.I.P.E.

Likes the S.T.R.I.P.E. can come in handy for travel too.

Instead of partying during Spring Break, Pat tells his stepdaughter Courtney about his time in the Seven Soldiers of Victory and does a run down of the team for her with the Shining Knight, (the then time lost) Green Arrow and Speedy…

…Crimson Avenger, Wing (who dies helping Green Arrow and Speedy return to their proper more modern time) and Vigilante, but…

…the present day Crimson Avenger has need of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. too.

We then meet the assembled present day Victory soldiers including cowboy Vigilante?!

I would have preferred to see the Adrian Chase Vigilante or Pat Tryce Vigilante or the more recent Don Fairchild Vigilante instead of presumably the OG (time lost and found) Greg Saunders Vigilante here.

Anyhow, we learn that the original Crimson Avengers body was never recovered after he presumably died so he may be able to saved as he may be lost in time due to the last battle of the Seven Soldiers of the Victory.

We also learn that the kids or teens affiliated with the Seven Soldiers of Victory are cursed presumably and die, but since Roy Harper as Speedy then Arsenal then Red Arrow returned from the dead and the Star Spangled Kid became Skyman of Infinity Inc., perhaps only Wing actually stayed dead?

Looks like Red Arrow may fit well as a sidekick to Batman and not just Green Arrow as her sleuthing skills are refined as she knows where the Crimson Avengers took the adult heroes deliberately leaving the “kids” (Red Arrow and Stargirl) behind.

They catch up with the team battling the Clock King who…

…wants to get back to the time where the OG Crimson Avenger was piloting that time boat or somesuch for the Clock King can realize his dream of becoming a super-hero?!

As we see the past, present and future of Green Arrow, we also finally see Lee Travis the OG Crimson Avenger who…

…the modern day Crimson Avenger touches creating some kind of paradox and granting Stargirl some kind of time-vision allowing her to see the past…

…including the the OG kids of the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the teasing of the Childminder and a Judy Garrick presumably the daughter of the Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick and his wife Joan.

The OG Crimson Avengers wants Stargirl to find and save Wing and not him; he wants her to destroy Clock King’s device even though it will kill him.

She does and the timeline resets; she also saved the modern day Crimson Avenger.

The book ends with the revelation of a new Stargirl series coming where the mystery of Wing, the Childminder and Judy Garrick will likely be explored with the help of Red Arrow; plus the book ends with the first look at the Infinite Frontier era Justice Society of America (JSA) here.

We also get a nice OG Seven Soldier of Victory pin-up and…

…we leave the issue not knowing who the Eighth Soldier of Victory is, but thinking it may be returned-to-life Wing eventually.

The Pulse:

A satisfying read blending past and present and teasing the immediate future in the way writer Geoff Johns has made a name for himself doing for decades. Awesome art team work led by penciller Todd Nauck. 8 out of 10.

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