DC Comics & Joker #4 Spoilers & Review: EVERYONE Wants The Joker! Is He Really Innocent?! Plus Punchline & Bluebird!

DC Comics and Joker #4 Spoilers and Review follows.

EVERYONE Wants The Joker!

Is He Really Innocent?!

Plus Punchline and…


Vengeance, Bane’s daughter, is after the Joker for what her nom de guerre denotes.

James Gordon is his captive, of sorts, or perhaps ally actually tracking down the Joker as Vengeance attacked.

Then the Samson Twins attack and…

…they have a claim on the Joker too it seems.

…Joker ignites his gas and everyone is knocked out.

Elsewhere, Oracle and the Batgirls have no success in tracking down the secret of the benefactor that hired James Gordon to find the Joker, but DC’s get a strong hint it may involve the Court of Owls.

The Joker also claims to have been responsible for the crescendo that ended the Joker War and its hard for James Gordon to believe him.

Joker left Gordon to be found and freed by Vengeance alongside the male Samson twin that he tortured and killed.

The back-up story with Punchline and Bluebird…

…see both character start off in precarious predicaments, but…

…they persist…

…setting up an interesting tomorrow.

The Pulse:

Hugely entertaining stories on story and art from front cover to back cover. You don’t leave this book feeling sorry for either the Joker or Punchline, but you leave better understanding their motivations. 7 out of 10.

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