DC Comics & Detective Comics #1037 Spoilers & Review: Bruce Wayne Arrested For Murder Leaving Batman Impotent?!

DC Comics and Detective Comics #1037 Spoilers and Review follows.

Bruce Wayne Arrested For Murder…

…Leaving Batman Impotent?!

We open with Huntress surveying the corpse of the main who killed Sarah Worth who himself is now dead due to some parasitic infection that manifests from the eyes.

He also killed Lydia, Bruce Wayne’s neighbor, before he succumbed to the parasites.

However, Lydia’s death makes Bruce Wayne the prime suspect because they had an argument last issue that brought the police in; plus its difficult to provide yourself a night time alibi when you’re Batman.

Sarah Worth’s father Mr. Worth is holding Mayor Nakano responsible for all of this.

Through Orcale, we learn that there are more corpses that have turned up with the same parasitic eye issues.

We then have the reveal of the parasite excreter!

Readers then learn Bruce Wayne has been arrested for murder and that the Mayor has taken interest in the case.

Wayne is denied due process as money talks allowing Mr. Worth to walk and firebomb the prison cell where Bruce Wayne is.

He then enters the prison to hunt down Wayne.

We then learn, it seems, that the parasite excreter is on the Mayor’s payroll as it appears its Hue Vile.

The main story ends with Batman confronting Mr. Worth.

There are also two back-up stories…

…that add some depth to the Batman mythology.

The Pulse:

A really compelling main story and just ok back-up’s. Art was solid all round though. I think the main story really is intriguing, emotional and action-packed. Well done. 8 out of 10 on the strength of the main story.

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