DC Comics & The Flash #771 Spoilers & Review: Time Travelling From Super Friends To Justice Society Of America (JSA) To Heroes In Crisis & More!

DC Comics and The Flash #771 Spoilers and Review follows.

Time Travelling From…

…Super Friends To Justice Society Of America (JSA) To Heroes In Crisis and More!

So, the book opens with the Speed Force having sent Wally West into the body of the Reverse-Flash on an alternate Earth in the Omniverse.

It is one seemingly patterned on or continuing the adventures of the 1970’s Super Friends TV cartoon series.

In the end, Wally is able to rid Superman of his Speed Force energies before he explodes.

That then sends Wally elsewhere in the timeline seemingly back on Earth 0 first in 1832 with Max Mercury.

Then modern day with Teen Titans Academy.

Then back to WWII era Justice Society of America (JSA).

Then somewhen else too possibly the 1990s?

Finally in the future or perhaps on an alternate Earth with Kingdom Come Wally pops into an older Wally West’s body…

…where he meets with his now adult daughter, but he moves again due to the Speed Force to his greatest tragedy…

…his heinous and out-of-character actions in Heroes in Crisis.

The story appears to conclude in two weeks in The Flash 2021 Annual #1.

The book is out on June 29 / 30, 2021.

The Pulse:

The most frenetic issue so far which is fitting for a book called The Flash. Intriguing plot, solid characterization, deepening mystery about the Speed Force all rendered with solid art. However, the cliffhanger would have been more compelling if not spoiled on the book’s two covers. 7.5 out of 10.

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