DC Comics & Justice League #63 Spoilers & Review: Green Lantern, Cyborg & Martian Manhunter Are Justice League Founders?! Plus Justice League Dark Takes A Turn!


DC Comics and Justice League #63 Spoilers and Review follows.

Green Lantern, Cyborg and Martian Manhunter Are…

…Justice League Founders?!

Plus Justice League Dark Takes A Turn!

Well the team appears to still be on Naomi’s parallel universe planet facing…

…Zumbado who seems to easily overmatch the team until Naomi, billed as a “mega-power”, slows him down and…

…batman proves to the difference maker.

Back at the Hall of Justice the team strategies what to do about Zumbado who they think will invade Earth.

On that alternate world, Zumbado lets the defeated Brutus live and…

…confronts Brutus’ old partner McMurph noting them all need to pool their powers to invade Earth and defeat the Justice League.

Back at the Hall of Justice, the Justice League founders are the Big 6 now (why else have super-hero statues in the Hall of Justice) with Hawkgirl replacing Green Lantern and neither Cyborg nor Martian Manhunter present?

The book ends with the “uncategorized” mega-power Naomi being offered and accepting Justice League membership.

The back-up features Justice League Dark where…

…Batman looms?!

The Pulse:

I’m just not a fan of this opening arc for the new Justice League despite DC faves of mine like Black Adam, Green Arrow and the Wally West Flash on the team. Too much Naomi and her world building. Her planet’s villains are powerful because that’s how they’re portrayed, but they don’t feel like threats; that’s an interesting dichotomy. The JLD story continues to be strong and compelling. Art on both stories were good. 5 out of 10.

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