DC Comics & Mister Miracle: The Source Of Freedom #2 Spoilers & Review: Shilo Norman Unmasked As N’Vir Is Scott Free & Big Barda’s Daughter, BUT There’s A Catch?!


DC Comics and Mister Miracle: The Source Of Freedom #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

Shilo Norman Unmasked As…

…N’Vir Is Scott Free and Big Barda’s Daughter, BUT There’s A Catch?!

The book opens with N’Vir, the adult daughter of Mister Miracle Scott Free and Big Barda, wanting to punish Shilo Norman for stealing her dad’s legacy from her.

After that battle, N’Vir and her henchpeople the Core boom tube away leaving Shilo Norman to realize he was partially unmasked; not enough to reveal his secret identity, but enough to reveal his skin color.

His mask is fixed and we learn that N’Vir is from an alternate Earth in the multiverse; so, why does she focus on this Earth’s Mister Miracle?

We later see the media fallout of the revelation that Mister Miracle is black and it is mixed.

Shilo’s agent later reveals to him the OG Mister Miracle Thaddeous Brown’s New Gods’ chest as…

…N’Vir and the Core attack.

Shilo protects the chest…

…ass he summons something smaller to help him in the fight…

…that gives him a MAJOR power upgrade?!

The Pulse:

Was surprised, but am delighted how this series explores race and legacy as part of an overall cosmic narrative. Decent art. 8 out of 10.

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