How To Properly Lose Weight: The Healthy Way

There are many ways that people try to lose weight. You can try different workouts, some being more intensive than others, or subscribe to specific diets, or even take specific drugs or supplements to reduce fat. Still, if you are not doing everything in moderation and keeping a healthy balance, it may be more difficult to lose weight and keep it off. There are also health concerns to think about, as rapid weight fluctuations are not always safe. Here are some tips to help you healthily lose weight.

Setting Goals And Expectations

One of the important aspects of losing weight is to set goals and expectations. You want to start with an initial goal, ensuring that it is realistically attainable in terms of activity levels and dietary needs within a specific timeline. Losing weight is difficult, especially early on, but it gets easier as you get used to other practices, habits, and routines. Having expectations that understand the difficulty but also your specific body and systems will be good to keep you motivated and prevent you from losing interest or feeling hopeless. Not everyone has the same metabolism or reacts to certain diets and exercises. You have to keep in mind that you might not see the same results as other people, but that your changes to your lifestyle will still provide benefits. The great thing about setting goals is that they can easily be adjusted. Once you hit your initial goals, you can then change them to continue your weight loss journey or adjust them to maintain a specific weight target. It is also important that you evaluate your motivations. If your goal is simply aesthetics, you may be more susceptible to gaining back the weight. In contrast, someone with goals to lead a healthier overall lifestyle may be more inclined to stick with a balanced diet and exercise regime in order to keep in shape and stay motivated for their long-term health.


Your nutrition and diet provide the foundation for you to lose weight and follow a healthy path to weight loss. You cannot lose weight no matter what type of exercise you are doing if you are not eating properly. You have to make sure that you are getting the right amount of calories into your body to ensure that you have enough energy to allow you to maximize your workouts and exercises. In fact, diet is so important that if you prescribe a healthy way of eating, you won’t actually have to work out and exercise as much in order to see results. That is not to say that you shouldn’t exercise, but that if you ignore eating a balanced meal, your exercises will seem futile, and you will struggle to see the results you want.


It is important that you eat and consume a balanced diet. Doing so will translate to better bodily functioning and improve your ability to lose weight. However, many people aren’t always able to abide by a healthy diet that incorporates all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need. Supplements have been linked to positive Weight Loss Results and contribute to your ability to maintain your nutrients levels when you can’t always get all the nutrients you need. Additionally, supplements can help increase the benefits of certain diets and exercise, expediting the weight loss process and allow you to see positive results faster. It is important that you find supplements for your specific goals and motivations, as there is a wide variety on the market with different purposes.

Staying Active Throughout The Day

There are different types of exercise you should be getting. Every day, you should be getting a bare minimum of 30 minutes worth of activity. This isn’t necessarily translated to hardcore workouts that will leave you sweating or your muscles sore, but it refers to activity that can simply mean extended walks to ensure your muscles are staying active. Many people work office jobs, and nowadays, more and more people that work from home are not getting the exercise they normally get from walking during their commute or days in the offices. One way to ensure that you are getting the bare minimum of your activity would be setting step goals to reach. You can use your phone or a pedometer that will count your steps, or some people even use activity or smartwatches that track your steps throughout the day. This is important for everyone that is trying to lose weight and not necessarily trying to build muscle. Did you know that getting enough exercise during the day helps suppress your hunger? If you don’t get enough daily activity, your brain activates your hunger circuits, which is why you might notice if you sit too much, you feel hungry. Simply staying active can prevent you from craving sweets and other snacks that add weight to your body. 

More Strenuous Workouts And Exercises

The other form of activity you want to do is more focused and timed workouts. These workouts do not need to occur every day, but you want to ensure that you dedicate workout time during the week, doing workouts around 3 or 4 times. This can provide you the flexibility to rest, relax, or dedicate to other personal time. These functional workouts help increase your metabolism, allowing you to consume more calories and carbs without storing as much fat. These types of workouts will be more energy-consuming than your daily activity requirements but will be critical in helping you lose and burn fat. Not only will you burn fat, but you can also gain muscle, depending on your workouts and goals. You can adjust your workouts as your continue to see improvements.


When you miss sleep, your body does not process carbs properly. You want to ensure that you are getting enough sleep. Your body is then storing more fat in your systems because it recognizes the lack of sleep and determines that you are in a high-stress state. The minimum amount of sleep you should be getting is at least 7 hours of sleep. You also want to ensure that you have enough sleep to give you enough energy in order to complete your exercises and workout routines. If you lack energy, you will not be as efficient in your ability to lose weight.


Water is crucial for maintaining proper weight levels. It is also essential for your body and its internal functioning. This translates to your ability to use energy and burn fat. If you are not drinking enough water, your body is deprived of the nutrients it needs for basic functioning and will struggle to ensure you are able to work as efficiently and effectively during your workouts. Having your body functioning properly also translates to your ability to break down foods in the digestive systems, so make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day and around mealtime contributes if you want to lose weight and keep it off. 

Cut Out Unhealthy Practices

There is a reason that smoking and drinking are associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. Drinking adds extra calories to your diet, which directly contributes to your weight. Smoking, on the other hand, has often been linked with weight loss, as many people have believed that smoking helps reduce your weight by increasing your metabolic rate. Many smokers claim to not feel hungry with a cigarette, and although that may be the case, the health risks and concerns heavily outweigh these perceived benefits. Smoking may also indirectly contribute to weight gain for multiple reasons. Smokers have reduced lung capacity, and because of this, are less likely to have the motivation to go to the gym, as they will struggle more with exercises and workouts. Additionally, trying to quit the habit often leads to short-term weight gain, which would cause many smokers to not want to quit and return to their habits. This cycle traps smokers and prevents them from any healthy progress. If you want to get in better shape and lose weight in a healthy manner, you need to cut down on your unhealthy practices.


Weight loss is not about creating a complicated routine of diets and workouts but more about consistency in your lifestyle. It can take longer and feel boring, especially if you build a constant routine that incorporates meal planning and the same types of high-energy workouts, but you need to stick with it. You may also not see the results right away from your workouts, your diet, and the changes you make, but you have to remember to stick with it. 

When you are trying to lose weight, understand that everyone is different and will have different experiences. You may not always see the results you want, and you may need to put in more effort. Still, at the end of the day, you need to motivate yourself and remind yourself that your weight loss should be about staying healthy, and maintaining good habits, not necessarily just about looking slimmer.