The Top 3 Advice for Professional Gun Gear Maintenance

When you own a firearm, you need to ensure that it’s well-maintained. If you don’t maintain your gun, the chances are that it won’t work the way you need it to. It may jam when you want to fire it, and it won’t give any value for having it. 

You can use different ways to maintain your gun, and you only need to use them. They aren’t as tricky as you may have thought. These are practices that you can implement when you are home and doing nothing. 

You will quickly ensure that your gun works to its best capabilities. And it isn’t all about the weapon alone; the magazine has to be well maintained in the process. Here are a few ideas of how you can easily maintain your gun gear and ensure they don’t crank up when using it. 

  1. Pistol Magazine

Most people tend only to have pistol maintenance in mind, but a pistol magazine should be at the back of their minds. This is often the most forgotten about component of the firearm when it comes to cleaning the gun. That is despite it being as crucial as any other part of the gun. 

You may forget about it, but a pistol magazine can quickly accumulate dirt and other debris that make it jam. It may also get carbon fouling too. This is because most pistols are dropped in the ground, and they accumulate from there. 

They may also get dirt as the combustion in the chamber takes place when the gun is shot. As for other debris that the gun accumulates, this happens when you carry the gun around in pouches. They can also pick up some lint when they are carried in pockets. 

How to Clean a Pistol Magazine

  • Routine Maintenance

The first thing you want to do with your magazine is to perform routine maintenance. You need to brush the follower and wipe it clean. You can do this with a toothbrush – the brushing part, as for wiping, use a piece of cloth – a clean, dry one. 

You also need to wipe down the outer parts of the magazine and the body. You can also look up for other maintenance ideas. You may need to do some thorough cleaning when you have dropped the gun in the dirt. 

  • Disassemble the Magazine

When you are after the complete maintenance of the magazine, you need to disassemble the magazine. This will ensure that you don’t miss any part of the gun. It would help if you had a removable floor plate to be able to clean the gun. You may also need a cleaning brush for this task. 

After disassembling the magazine, you need to get down to the scrubbing part of the job. This will ensure that all the junk in the magazine is done away with. You then now need to go to the tube. The tube works in collaboration with the magazine, and it has to be clean too. 

  • Magazine Cleaning Brush

Most people assume they only need a toothbrush to clean the magazine, but that isn’t the case. You need to have the right brush for the job, and the magazine cleaning brush should be one for the task. These brushes are specially designed for the job and are cheap. 

Before you even sit and think of cleaning the magazine, you need to ensure that you have the brush. The brush ensures that you have cleaned all the parts of the magazine without leaving a spot. For your pistol, you need to get the right brush for the specific gun. 

  1. Read the Manual 

The difference between life and death when you buy that shiny new gun may be in the manual. And though no one likes to read up the manual, when you buy a gun, you’ll need to sit down and read the manual carefully and understand it. 

The manuals have a lot of info that will ensure that you’re safe while having the gun. For example, you will get to know where you can keep the gun and get to it quickly. Did you know that most people are shot with their weapons when there’s a break-in?

That should be a worry for you, and you’ll need to sit down with the manual and try as much to read and get it. The manual will also tell you how you can disarm and arm the gun before use. You may also get to know how to keep the gun in excellent working order. 

Manuals today are available at the comfort of your home. But you can also ask the seller for a manual when you buy the gun. If they don’t have it to go, you can search for it online and only search for your gun’s manual alone. 

The manual will also show you where you can keep the gun out of the reach of children if you have any. Also, it would help if you held the gun disarmed in the house, and each firearm is disarmed differently – same as disassembly. The manual will show you how you can do both. 

  1. Use the Right Equipment

Most gun owners tend to use anything around when they are cleaning their guns. However, this should never be the case, as a firearm needs to be cleaned with the right equipment. And not some DIY tricks you found online and are desperate to use. 

Many safety concerns come with guns, and you need to have the right equipment for the same. For example, when it comes to scrubbing parts of the gun, you don’t need to use a toothbrush. There are specific brushes for the same tasks. 

There are different brushes for the magazine and the chamber. When you use a toothbrush, you are compromising your safety and won’t fully clean the gun the way you need to. 

When you improvise with the cleaning and maintenance of the gun, you’ll be risking. This also applies when you’re greasing the gun. Gun owners are notorious for wanting to use any lubricant they can find out there. 

It would help if you remembered that a gun has many moving parts and needs to withstand extreme heat and friction. When lubricating the firearm, you also need to ensure that it needs to support high-speed movement too. And the barrel needs to be protected from rust. 

When you use lubricants specific to these demands, the guns will end up jamming all through when you want to use them. You only need to use the fuels that are tailored for firearms alone. 

  • Light Grease

The grease that you’ll be using when it comes to your gun needs to be light. And you only need to add some bits of it around the sliding parts of the gun – don’t drench the gun with grease. Only a little bit is required to enable the gun to function properly, and so the parts don’t get stuck when you’re using it. 

Safety Measures

A firearm is a dangerous weapon, and you need to know how to handle it before you can clean it. It would help if you watched out for some safety measures when cleaning the gun to avoid freak accidents. Below are a few things you need to do to ensure your safety while cleaning the gun. 

  • Wear Safety Glasses 

It would help if you had safety glasses on cleaning your gun and the magazine to avoid parts hitting your eyes. You are likely going to strip the gun down, and part may spring to your eyes. 

The safety glasses are there to ensure when these parts jump; they don’t hit your eyes. Also, the glasses will protect you from getting dust into your eyes and other debris which may cause eye infections. 

  • Have the Safety On

Before you get to hold the gun for cleaning, you also need to ensure that the safety is on. If not, you may squeeze the trigger, and this may cause a freak accident. Check the safety twice before you get to the disassembling part of the weapon. 

  • Wear Gloves

You can also opt to wear gloves when cleaning the gun as there may be dirt all around. You can wear latex gloves as they give you far more flexibility when you are handling the firearm. You won’t get dirt and debris on your hand when cleaning. 

If you had dropped your gun before, you would need to have gloves. You don’t want to get that much dirt on your hand to get your gun clean. It may also help you when you’re greasing the gun – most people don’t want to get grease on their hands. 

When you own a gun, one of the crucial aspects you need to keep in mind is maintaining it. This can be the difference between life and death when you own a gun. And you need to ensure that your rifle is always properly cleaned. You need to read the manual to know how often you need to clean your gun, as different guns have different sets of rules on just about anything.