Discover the Top Variations of Online Slots in 2021

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Slots have become a prominent game in the online casino industry. The love for slots continues in the online sphere as it did on casino floors. 

While the modern slot world owes a lot to the older slot machines that were a part of casinos a few decades ago, times have changed significantly since then.

Not only are online slots now the main way that people enjoy playing casino games, but there are so many versions available to play.

Below is a guide that details the differences between the different variations of online slots that you can play in 2021 and beyond.

Recalling the Era of Classic Slots

If you were to visit a casino in the 1970s or even the 1980s, you would find the casino floors full of classic slot machines. 

These machines only ran on quarters and everything was manually operated. Players had to pull the crank to start each game, while casino workers had to manually remove coins if the machine had paid out no winnings for several hours.

If you are nostalgic for the previous era of slot machines, you do not have to find a casino in your area to get your fix. You can play some classic slots online and enjoy the experience of these throwback games. 

Advent of Online Slots

Even though slot machines have existed for a very long time and even electronic slots have around 50 years of history, online slots are relatively new. 

The first online slots emerged in the late 1990s with the advent of the internet. Given the slow speeds and gradual uptake of computer purchases in households around the world, it is understandable that it took quite some time before online slots became mainstream.

Online slots are possible as a result of the invention of the random number generator. Since online slots games can use this RNG technology, they are easily able to replicate the experience the gambler would have if they were to play the same game at a physical casino. 

Even in the early to mid 2000s, there were not that many unique slots games in existence. Only at the end of that decade and the start of the 2010s did online slots increase in popularity. 

We are now at a high point for online slots, with thousands of unique games available for people to play on any device they want. Whether a person wants to play a slot game on their phone, computer or tablet, they can do so with ease. 

Whether you enjoy BetMGM games or some other slots, you have so many options available in terms of the games you can enjoy. 

Best Variations of Online Slots Games

The number of different slot machines available to play are endless. Rather than choosing a specific game, players are better off finding the variety of slots games they enjoy the most. 

You can still find classic slot games at online casinos. These games often have different graphics and color schemes, but the main concept remains the same. Three different columns of symbols, with the player spinning to try and get a match between all three columns. 

If you want a newer experience with online slots, you may want to try video slots. These games are filled with outstanding graphics and cut scenes, five lines compared to three, bonus rounds and free spins, and other perks. Those who enjoy the spirit of classic slots but want a more modern experience will love these games. 

The other two categories of slot machines at online casinos are mega spins and progressive slots. 

Mega spins allow a player to combine between three and nine different slot games to spin at the same time. Rather than having to play all of those games one by one, you can spin up to 45 different columns between these games in one go. While mega spins are a lot of fun, they can be a more expensive way to enjoy slots as well.

The final type of online slots game that you can play is progressive slots. When you play a game of progressive slots, you may notice that it looks quite similar to video slots. That is because progressive slots often have the same characteristics and features, but they also come with a huge jackpot.

Progressive slots are usually in a network of many games that share a single jackpot, which keeps getting bigger. If you have a dream to one day win a huge amount of money while playing slots, then progressive slots may be perfect for you.

Master Video Slots to Become a Successful Gambler

Anyone who enjoys gambling online must master video slots if they want to emerge with a profit each month. Research different video slot games, try out a few using low-value spins, and then decide where you want to focus your attention.

Master a few of your favorite video slot games by understanding how they work. Video games are not only more fun and engaging, but they offer you the chance to constantly win prizes.

Even if you want to try mega spins and progressive slots, the playing strategies are very similar to video slots. Master those, and you can win at any online slots game.

Respect the Past, Embrace the Present

There is some nostalgia attached to classic slots. Whenever you think of a vintage casino, you can imagine an entire floor of classic slot machines with people inserting quarters and pulling levers to start each spin.

Now there are so many exciting options available to players who want to try their luck at video slots, progressive slots or mega spins.