9 Things You Can Fix Now To Improve Your League Of Legends Experience

If you are gaming on your computer, chances are that League of Legends is one of the games you enjoy playing. If this is the case for you, then some simple changes can be made to this gaming experience that will make it better! That having been said, here are nine things that will be helpful in your gaming experience with League of Legends.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

When you are gaming online, especially something as competitive as League of Legends, it is important that your internet connection is good. Otherwise, you will probably end up with lag spikes or rubberbanding, which can really ruin the gaming experience and lead to frustration, if not worse!  

Some game modes require a stable internet connection. If your gaming is not up to standard, you might be banned from ranked games or even worse! You might lose out on the chance to win some money playing in tournaments if this happens. There are also geographical restrictions factors that might come into play. This is where VPNs might come in handy. If you are in such a dilemma or are looking to protect your privacy when playing League of Legends, then consider ExpressVPN whenever you are having fun with your game. The overall reliability of such services is unmatched as it could also help improve the performance of your hardware in terms of speed. 

Check that your modem and router are plugged into power sockets with no other appliances using the same electricity circuit (i.e., avoid plugging in more than one appliance). Also, make sure you have all wires appropriately connected at both ends – especially ethernet cables for gaming consoles/computers, which can get loose over time when they’ve moved around too much. Don’t forget to check WiFi connections as well by moving closer to routers.

2. Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

It’s a quick and easy process that could mean the difference between you winning or losing in-game. Updating your drivers will improve gaming performance by fixing any bugs, as well as improving compatibility with other games. You can do this by going onto your graphics card manufacturer website and downloading the latest driver software for free! Make sure to check if there are new updates available before updating. So, the next time you’re gaming, why not check if your drivers are up to date?

3. Install The Latest Game Updates

Updates to League of Legends bring new champions, balance changes, and bug fixes that can significantly improve gameplay quality or reduce latency issues. Unlike many other games, which require players to update manually, you can install updates automatically. You should never miss one by failing to check for them yourself. If an update becomes available while you’re playing, it will be downloaded in the background as soon as your match is over, so there are no excuses.

4. Turn Off Any Programs That Might Be Running In The Background

Close all other tabs, programs, and windows on your computer that may be causing interference while playing League. If you are not sure what these things might be, close any extra browser windows or apps running in the background to see if it helps improve gaming performance.

It is important to note that having multiple monitors can cause some games like League of Legends to perform poorly because there is too much going on for your computer to handle at once. This includes multitasking between different applications or using another monitor as a second view through an application such as team viewer (which allows you to broadcast live over the internet). Having multiple monitors can make game play difficult due to how overloaded your gaming computer could be with processing information.

Additionally, please note that if your gaming experience is being hindered by things like having too many windows open and not enough free memory space to run League of Legends properly, then there are some settings within Windows itself you can change, which will cut down on how much work your PC has to do when running this program. These changes will include adjusting certain power options and also changing what type of virtual memory is being used. If gaming performance is being affected by multiple monitors, it might be best to try gaming on just one screen at a time. 

5. Check For Overheating Or Other Hardware Issues

If the problem is on your end, check for overheating or other hardware issues. Check if you can see any dust in the fans and remove it using a brush. Remove all USB devices connected to your computer, including gaming equipment like gaming mice and keyboards. If you have installed too many programs recently, try uninstalling some of them as this could be slowing down your PC’s performance. To add to this, it could also be that you are using an outdated OS (Operating System). Ensure that such issues are dealt with and pronto.

6. Reconfigure Your Hotkeys To Be More Comfortable

There are many ways to do this, but it’s recommended that you rebind the “Q” key to be your new primary ability hotkey. By doing so, you can use it on a more comfortable side of the keyboard for quick access and less strain on long gaming sessions. This is an easy fix that most people never think about trying first.

Another thing you can do to help yourself is changing the key bindings for camera location. You want your hands on WASD, not using QWER or ASDF! This will also allow you to get more comfortable with being able to fully control your champion without having them bound in a way that feels uncomfortable. Of course, this might be difficult if you are used to playing the game one certain way. So, maybe start off by just changing it down below 50% of what’s possible and work up from there until it starts feeling better again. Alternatively, you could try gaming at an angle which helps too. Some players use gaming mice while others prefer regular ones, but you could try gaming mouse pads as well.

7. Change Your Gaming Mode From Time To Time

League of Legends can get boring pretty quickly, especially if you play the same game mode over and over again. If your gaming experience is feeling stale, try out a different game mode or champion for a change of pace! Playing other champions will help you understand what they are capable of during team fights. This knowledge makes it easier to counter them when playing against them in ranked games, where their pick rate is higher. There are tons of fun modes that require some strategy to win – even Dominion has some great mechanics that mix up gameplay more than people give credit for on average! Some alternative game modes include:

  • All Random, which randomizes your champion picks
  • One for All mode where everyone on the team plays the same champion
  • Hexakill game modes that increase kill counts by six – in short, all players get six kills each instead of just three. Even better if you’re playing with friends!  It’s important to note that these alternative game modes are not available every week and can be disabled at any time without warning. Make sure to keep up with patch notes to find out when they will become available again!

8. Get A New Mouse That’s Better Suited For Gaming Needs

Get a new mouse that’s better suited for gaming needs. A good quality gaming mouse can make all the difference in your gameplay and is often overlooked when it comes to getting an upgrade or not. Try out some different models before deciding on one, as they do vary from person to person. Try playing with them first, so you know what type will help with specific types of games, such as MOBAs or FPS. A gaming mouse can often be more expensive than a standard one, but you will find that the money is well spent and it’s worth investing in one.

9. Play With Friends Who Are At Or Above Your Skill Level

League of Legends is all about the summoner’s experience. Your gaming preferences are unique to you, and that is what makes League fun! Playing with experienced buddies can make all the difference in helping improve your gaming skills.

There are a few things that you can do to help improve your League of Legends experience. By updating graphics card drivers, checking for hardware issues, and playing against players who have skills on par with or higher than yours, you may be able to enjoy the game more. The more you play League of Legends, the better you become. Time, patience, and practice are what it takes to hit high scores. There are great resources online to help you become better at what you love doing best.