DC Comics & Batman #113 Spoilers & Review: Batman Takes An Unexpected, Unanticipated, Unusual Turn?! Will Fear State Still Swallow Him Up?


DC Comics and Batman #113 Spoilers and Review follows.

Batman Takes An…

…Unexpected, Unanticipated, Unusual Turn?!

Will Fear State Still Swallow Him Up?

The book opens with an in-story catch-up for readers…

…via the Anti-Oracle (rumored soon to be called Sear).

At the same time, Batman confronts Gotham City Police Commissioner Renee Montoya who believes the truth he tells, but she needs proof.

Batman is hunted by the Mayor’s anti-vigilante Magistrate via Simon Saint…

…Batman dispatches them easily and threatens Saint’s exposure; the fact that he has empowered Scarecrow and turned his own Peacekeeper-01 mad with the Scarecrow to establish a Future State with the Magistrate Program as Gotham City’s police arm.

Batman then decides to use mind control AI to get into his and…

…Ghost-Maker’s minds to sift out and find Scarecrow’s “programming”.

They find it and access Scarecrow’s mind as well…

…learning about his long-planned Fear State from his college and pre-villain days.

They get back to real world…

…realizing Scarecrow is controlling or maddening Peacekeeper-01 who is on a collision course with Saint’s new Peacekeeper-X!

The book also has a Clownhunter back-up.

The Pulse:

A rip-roaring ride in the main story. Compelling plot, emotional characterization and fantastic art. In contrast the Clownhunter back-up was so-so. Overall an 8 out of 10.

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