DC Comics & Justice League #67 Spoilers & Review: Phantom Zone Torture & Who Are The Deathstrokes?!

DC Comics and Justice League #67 Spoilers and Review follows.

Phantom Zone Torture and…

…Who Are The Deathstrokes?!

We open with a dramatis personae and storyline catch-up page.

The battle with the unappealing Synmar has way to long in this issue let alone previous issue, but…

…Batman ends it with Superman’s Phantom Zone Projector which…

…crushes Synmar emotionally.

Superman returns to the real world and…

…collects back to the projector while telling everyone of its torturous origins.

The United Order was pleased the battle is over, but want to collect the Projector as they see it as too dangerous to be held on Earth.

Despite, the United Order being empowered by the United Planets, the Justice League won’t let the projector leave Superman’s care.

The main story ends with Daemon Rose, allegedly Lois Lane’s brother, being attacked by Deathstrokes (yes, plural).

There is also a Justice League Dark back-up story.

The Pulse:

I have not liked the Synmar character since his debut during the writer’s Action Comics / Superman run. That said, it looks like his days are done in this series for now. Strong suit of main story was the art and last page with the Deathstrokes. Back-up story was solid on story and art. 6.5 out of 10.

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