WWE Begins To Listen To Fans Ahead Of WWE Draft & As AEW Rises In Ratings! Here Comics The Hurt Business! (Spoilers!)


WWE Begins To Listen To Fans Ahead Of WWE Draft and As AEW Rises In Ratings! Here Comics The Hurt Business! (Spoilers!)

On May 11, 2020 the Hurt Business was borne featuring MVP aligned with Bobby Lashley during the former’s marriage angle to Lana; that angle was torched and over the coming months Shelton Benjamin would be added as would Cedric Alexander as Lashley reigned as United States Champion on WWE Raw.

While Lashley was United States Champion the Hurt Business also became a credible tag team feuding with the New Day and even becoming the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions on December 20, 2020 TLC PPV.

Lashley lost the United States Championship to Riddle at February 21, 2021 Elimination Chamber to Riddle, but won the WWE Championship from the Miz on March 1, 2021.

After that Lashley would go on to headline Wrestlemania and have a long feud with Drew McIntyre.

After Lashley and MVP dumped 1/2 of the Hurt Business, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander feuded with each other and faded into the background of WWE Raw.

Well, with MVP out for at least 4 months after knee surgery, on the September 27, 2021 edition of WWE Raw, the Hurt Business reunited as Bobby Lashley took on new WWE Champion Big E of the New Day.

Here are some pics of the faction vs. New Day from this week’s WWE Raw.

The Big E vs Lashley went from an opening match the New Day and Hurt Business interfered in to the main event steel cage match that had shenanigans, but saw Big E retain only to be challenged by Drew McIntyre; a challenge Big E seemed eager to accept.

However, it looks like Lashley’s next opponent s Bill Goldberg, also recovering from surgery, who took issue with Lashley attacking his son after the father was beaten at the August 21, 2021 WWE SummerSlam; it is expected the match will go down at October 21, 2021’s Crown Jewel PPV set to be headlined by Smackdown’s Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar.

However, with the WWE Draft 2021 set to begin this Friday on WWE Smackdown and conclude the following Monday on WWE Raw, we’ll see whether the Hurt Business reunion is more than a fad.

With reports that USA is not pleased with the seeming preference WWE places on Fox, look to see some shake-ups that see WWE continue to create home grown stars on WWE Raw and move some heavyweights there too.

Full WWE Raw September 27, 2021 results are here.

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